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Preparing for Pregnancy: Myths and Prejudices

This article will help dispel the myths thatCan make you doubt yourself and your partner. We live in a modern world where there is no place for various superstitions and prejudices. It was very interesting to read, as after the sexual act, a woman is advised to stand "birch" (she will help to get pregnant). It is necessary to understand that these are just fictions. Other women assure that if you dream of a dolphin, then you immediately become pregnant.

The line between truth and fiction is very subtle, andIt's hard to know who is telling the truth. Therefore, we will consider the most common mistakes and myths about the conception of a child. This will help in the future to make the right decisions and not go on about the wits of the inventors.

Often have sex, then you can conceive a child

Most couples are concerned about this concept of conceptionThe kid. Then, during ovulation, the couple tries to engage as often as possible in sex. Then the sexual act occurs on a schedule. This leads to constant stress and reduced sexual attraction to the partner. The decrease in both female and malefertility. This process negatively affects family life.

Spermatozoa can live another three days. So do not be engaged in sex on a schedule. Love each other. This will help save the family.

It is possible to become pregnant only in one day of ovulation

Without the process of ovulation, pregnancy itselfIs impossible. At this time, a woman is ready to fertilize an egg. But do not forget that the egg can live a couple of days. Therefore, it is a myth that you can get pregnant only one day of the month.

Spermatozoa that managed to penetrate intoThe girl's body, can live there for a couple of days. So sex before the day of ovulation and after it can bring to pregnancy. There were cases when the girl became pregnant even during the menstruation.

In ovulation, the chance to impregnate a girl is much higher. But it does not mean that on other days you will not get pregnant. Do not listen to gossip.

The couple lives sexually, but they have no children. They are free

Many believe that once a couple lives together and leadsSexual life, they can conceive a child immediately. Sometimes you need some time. Experts argue that the couple may need about a year to start a child. But this is provided if the girl is under 32 years old.

But if the lady is older, the period is reduced toHalf a year. There is a probability that in six months the couple will not have children. Then you need to contact your doctor. Do not panic ahead of time. It is likely that the causes of this problem can be quickly eliminated and after a couple of months you will be pregnant with the long-awaited baby. So do not be discouraged if your pregnancy test is negative.

Without orgasm there will be no conception

There are rumors that if a woman does not haveSex orgasm, she can not get pregnant. In fact, this is an invention. You need only male ejaculation in order to achieve your goal. But you can parrot etym a man. Perhaps in the future he will try harder during the sexual act.

Poses that will help get pregnant

There are special poses that helpSpermatozoa get to their goal a little faster, but no more. Therefore, it is not necessary to think that this will help pregnancy. Male "friends" can perfectly orient themselves on the terrain. They do not need special sex positions.

But if a woman has a bend of the uterus, then the caseChanges. Then the girl will have a certain position during sex. What position will suit the girl, the gynecologist will help to find out. We need to consult with him and find out everything. The Internet in this case does not help.

Some methods will help to predict the sex of the child

Now in the network you can find all kinds of easternCalendars for calculating the sex of the child by blood group, the sign of the zodiac, etc. But all this is just a guess. Scientifically, the data have not been proven and therefore to take it for truth is impossible. There is no weighty evidence of methodologies. You can even read that the food can affect the sex of the baby, but this is only guesswork.

The sex of the child depends only on whatThe spermatozoon gets to the first egg. "Female" chromosomes are more hardy, and "men's" are more agile. If there is still time before ovulation, then there is a possibility that "women" can reach a woman's egg. All these conjectures are based on the theory of probability. So there are no conclusive facts.

But if the procedure is performed in extracorporealFertilization (IVF), then you can choose the desired sex of the child. To do this, the cells are examined embryo for its transfer into the uterine cavity. This procedure will help to identify the genetic deviations in the fetus and determine the sex.

It is necessary to avoid diets

It's necessary to eat correctly. If you excluded from your dietary protein, fat, vitamins, microelements or carbohydrates, this diet is not suitable for you. It does not suit anyone, because you are torturing your body.

Every woman should eat a balanced diet andTo receive the necessary substances. Drink vitamins. If you are overweight, then costen your portions. Refuse from fatty foods, sweets, soda, and volotkogol reduces fertility and increases the risk of miscarriage and congenital diseases.

Increase male fertility is capable of family panties and cold feet.

A strange theory that should be refuted. If you follow this logic, then warm shoes can reduce the chances of becoming a father. Of course, the temperature regime is important for men. Not for the legs, but for the penis.

So, baths, saunas and hot baths should be excluded a month's pause before the woman's fertilization. And it does not matter what cowards are wearing a man. This does not affect fertilization.

If you already have children, then you can not be barren

That's a moot point. After all, throughout life, the health of a person can be affected by many factors. Especially with age, the condition of a person worsens, and a sedentary lifestyle can change everything. There is such a diagnosis as secondary infertility. Studies have shown that many people who have come to treat infertility already have children.

Physical stress can harm

Do not give up the gym if you areDecided to get a child. Of course, you should not take part in bodybuilding competitions and take sports nutrition. It will not promote pregnancy. But the moderate physical load will only benefit. They strengthen the body. Good physical preparation will help to transfer pregnancy and childbirth easier. Go for fitness, pilates or yoga.

Family couples are carefully preparing for conceptionChild. Next, pay attention to the vitamin and mineral complex for the body. After all, a balanced diet does not always provide the necessary amount of vitamin. It is necessary to conclude that all prejudices about conception of a child are just myths. If you become suspicious, you can consult your gynecologist.

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