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Treatment with the help of animals

Assistant No. 1:
The dog will save from excess weight

Problems with the heart, pressure, bronchitis? A dog will help. There is a feeling that the dog is also an excellent remedy for serious dermatological problems and can even help in the prevention of cancer. Does the lyubimec joyfully lick you when you return from work? Do not rush to wipe his saliva. Know, by this gesture the dog not only can prove your devotion, but also save from many troubles. It's all about lysozyme. This is an antiseptic contained in the dog's saliva. It is known that this excellent anti-inflammatory drug helps in the treatment of wounds and burns. Of course, in this case it is a healthy animal, the saliva of which kills harmful microorganisms. A dog can also help lose weight. According to studies of scientists from the University of Michigan, 50% of dog owners in the United States at least 30 minutes a day are engaged in sports.

Want to lose weight, bring the muscles intone? A dog can help me. You can do agility with a darling (a kind of sport in which a dog must pass a route with various obstacles and shells. You can try yourself in a dog-frisbee. Do you think throwing a flying saucer to a dog is child's play? Doctors have proved: dog-frisbee - excellent cardiovascular training. When practicing this kind of sport, virtually all muscle groups work and coordination improves.

Assistant No. 2:
Horses will relieve the skin

Hippotherapy is popular all over the world these days. In the United States and the United Kingdom with the help of horses treated more than 25 thousand people. In Russia this method has been used for more than 10 years. Hernia, hydrocephalus, loss of sight, hearing, epilepsy - all these diagnoses can "soften" communication with the horse. The physical load during riding helps with scoliosis, osteochondrosis.

It is known: for children with Down's syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, it is not the only way of treatment.

Fundamentals of therapeutic horse riding - psychologicalIbiomechanical contact of the patient with the horse. For example, an autistic child is very careful, they are slowly offered to pet a horse, to communicate with her. After some time they put him in the saddle. The horse is used as an intermediary, a dialogue is conducted with it in sign language in absolute silence.

Assistant No. 3:
Birds will save the separation

It is proved that the human ear perceivesOnly a part of the sound of sounds, since our audibility zone is from one thousand to three thousand hertz. The bird's trill lies in a higher range. But do not worry! All that we do not hear, not only does not pass us by, but also heals the body.

The most common wavy parrot is capable of ... Help the child solve speech problems. Teaching the bird to speak, the kid repeats many words many times and thus trains himself. Observation of birds also helps to avoid heart problems, and neurologists seriously recommend getting parrots in diseases such as stuttering, neuroses and neurodermatitis. For patients with visual impairment, suffering from depression, the bird in the cage is the best medicine. Twitter not only raises mood, but also strengthens health. At the moment of enjoying the trill, the most subtle vibrations arise, which have a unique effect on the energy sector and set up the work of internal organs.

Excellent remedy for depression - meditation forBird twitter. Sit in a soft chair in a comfortable pose. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly slowly. Imagine that you are in the forest, above you a blue sky and a bright sun. Forget about your problems. You will see - these half-hour sessions will bring you back to life in a week.

Assistant No. 4:
Cats will heal fractures

A hot-water bottle, a massager and an analgesic are the second names of a cat. By the way, these animals are excellent for kidney failure, arthritis, hypotension, strokes, heart attacks and arthritis.

Recently, the president of the Institute of Fauna in the NorthCaroline Elizabethfon Mugenthaler made a unique discovery. She proved the healing properties ... purrs. The scientist intelligibly explained how the sound waves that cats emit, cure various ailments, what type of purring is suitable for healing fractures and repairing the muscles, and which for bone growth and relief of breathing.

Are you in pain? Call the pussy and mentally imagine a body that hurts. Just mentally go to the cat for help. Believe me, she will not keep waiting long and will lie down on the sore spot. Remember that from 3 to 5 o'clock in the morning it is better to treat the lungs and bronchi. From 5 to 7 am - the organ of the hospital. And from 11 to 13 days - the heart.

Pet-therapy, of course, is not a panacea for all diseases. There is a whole list of contraindications for the treatment of animals. If you are allergic to ours, tuberculosis, predisposition to toxoplasmosis, it is worth forgetting about pet-therapy. In other cases call for help fluffy team.
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