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Lack of vitamins: diagnose and eliminate

Have noticed for themselves an excessive irritability andGrumpiness? You have iron deficiency, eat steak! Do your legs swell? Hence, not enough potassium. Polakomtes banana, from this double benefit: and tasty, and the body receives the necessary mineral. From now on, as they say, a little more in detail ...

The recommended daily dose is 1.3 mgFor men and 1.1 mg for women. Vitamin B2 is important for the production and growth of cells, without it the body can not restore the skin and mucous cells with the proper speed. With its deficiency, for example, the corners of the lips may crack. It is also necessary for processing food into energy, so fatigue and migraine will be direct symptoms of a lack of vitamin B2. According to statistics, a fifth of girls from 11 to 18 years old and one in eight women consume not enough vitamin B2. In men, vitamin deficiency is rare. The reason is that they eat more food (as everything is simple and simple!) And at the expense of the volume of the eaten get the required dose of B2. The situation with vitamin B2 deficiency is easily solvable - it is found in dairy products, just a glass (250 ml) of milk in the daily diet will remove all problems.

There is no longer a migraine, as in the case of vitamin B2,And indigestion signals the lack of vitamin A. All in all, 0.7 mg for men and 0.6 mg for women are needed per day to protect the mucous surfaces of the intestine and respiratory tract from possible infections. But this quantity is also lost to each of eight teenagers of both sexes and 10 percent of men. Women less (6 percent) are deficient in vitamin A due to their vegetable diets, eating more carrots and greens containing vitamin A. The diet for solving the deficit is the simplest: carrots and liver, but the liver to pregnant women is not recommended that "enumeration" of vitamin A is not Harm the fetus.

General pain along the body and local in the back orJoints, plantar fasciitis (pain in the heels, especially in the morning), weakness and fatigue - these are the symptoms of a lack of vitamin D in the body. It is vital for the development and maintenance of bones and muscles, as it regulates the level of calcium and phosphorus. Strengthening our bones, vitamin is also important for the immune system, enhancing the protective anti-cancer capabilities of the body. The daily dose is only 5 μg (this is 0.005 mg! Compare with the above requirement for vitamins B2 and A). However, statistics indicate a low level of vitamin D in all age groups.

Deficiency of vitamin D is easily eliminated by loved onesAll canned sardines, salmon or even sprat if you consume at least a couple of servings a week. And in any sunny day necessarily jump out into the street and spend 20 minutes under the sunlight without any sun protection. Create the body all the conditions, he will provide himself with vitamin D.

Have stopped to distinguish flavoring nuances of food? Perhaps this is due to the lack of zinc in the body. Recent studies by European physicians found that in patients with a lower zinc content in red blood cells, the ability to detect salty taste deteriorated. In general, zinc is necessary for the development and maintenance of taste buds and for the production of salivary enzymes. Its deficiency also manifests itself in frequent catarrhal infections and delayed wound healing, as this mineral plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system and in the repair and renewal of cells.

Beef and lamb, nuts (preferably peanuts or cashews), whole grains will supplement zinc deficiency. The daily requirement for zinc in men is 9.5 mg, in women it is up to 7 mg.

Potassium is "tied up" to help regulate waterBalance of an organism, therefore its deficiency promotes increase of a blood pressure. All this in a complex manifests itself in swollen legs, especially at the end of the day. Nutritionists have determined that almost a quarter of all women do not provide the required amount of potassium in their diet.

Potassium is abundant in vegetables and fruits,Especially in bananas. Therefore, all women who say in the evening with a groan: "How I have swollen feet!", It is recommended to eat up to five bananas a day, then a daily required dose of potassium 3.5 mg will be provided.

Physicians clearly noticed the relationship betweenGrumpy character and iron deficiency in the body. Previously, such symptoms recognized excessive pallor and, as it is not strange, the shape of the nail in the form of a concave spoon (as if it could hold a water drop). Now the increased irritability is considered to be the leading indicator of iron deficiency in all other factors.

Iron is a key componentRed blood cells, they need it to spread oxygen throughout the body. If there is a shortage, then, first of all, the volume of oxygen supply to the brain will decrease. Hence the manifestation of quarrelsomeness. The daily required dose for men is 8.7 mg, and for women - as much as 14.8 mg! Only according to statistics, up to 30 percent of adolescent girls and 17 percent of women of all ages suffer from iron deficiency. Here is one of the explanations for the explosive quick temper and eccentricity of adolescent girls and the excessive (compared to men) grumpiness in older women.

Sources of iron of animal origin -Beef, sardines, eggs, as well as green vegetables, nuts, beans are better than any tablets will help from quarrelsome. Men should not be stingy and often feed their wives with these products. Then they are provided with family rest, no one will grumpily squeeze them.

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