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We bring our weight back to normal for the month

Air baths
Under several layers of winter clothing, the body at allDo not breathe, and this is one of the additional factors of excess weight. To burn fat, the body needs oxygen. That's to ensure his arrival through the skin, taking an air bath every day, preferably after a shower, when the pores have opened and clean skin breathes easier. Just do not rush after water procedures to dress and lubricate the body with anti-cellulite or moisturizing cream, wait 10-15 minutes.

Breathing exercises
Perform it during the day, as well as during airways.

Hold your breath on inhalation to ensureBetter filling of blood with oxygen, (exhalation should be longer than inhalation): this will help to store carbon dioxide in the lungs. Carbon dioxide will dilate the blood vessels, which means that the concentration of oxygen in the body at the next inspiration will increase significantly. Thanks to this simple technique, it is possible to improve the skin condition and accelerate microcirculation in the subcutaneous fat.

With superficial breathing, the blood is worse saturated with oxygen, which means that the skin begins to choke, and fat, instead of burning, is deposited in problem areas.

Every day enjoy the aromas of essential oilsOrange, grapefruit, cypress, lemon, juniper, nutmeg and pine, stimulating the burning of fat. Add a few drops of one or several oils to the water, select a candle in the aromatic incubator and take care of your affairs. Thanks to this simple program, you can lose 1-1.5 kg per month and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Would you like more? Then sit on a diet, specially designed by French experts to correct the figure.

The Parisian diet
Choose low-calorie breakfast options,Lunches, afternoon snacks and dinners. And you will receive no more than 1200 kcal per day, as a result you can lose 3-4 kg per month. Try to drink more fluids (at least 2 liters per day) and move more.

In the morning, drink an glass of water on an empty stomach (you can squeeze outThere is a little grapefruit juice), and after 15 minutes, eat kiwi or an apple. Wait another 10-15 minutes and proceed to the first meal, choosing one of the following options.

Half a grapefruit, boiled egg, rye bread, tea or a cafe with a sugar replacer. A piece of cheese, a bun with cereals, a fruit custard and kiwi fruit with yoghurt, herbal tea.

A cup of fruit salad (1/4 apple, 1/4 pear,Banana, kiwi, mandarin, 2-3 slices of pineapple) with 4-5 nuts, dressed with yoghurt; 2hlebtsa, omelet (2 protein and 1 yolk), a glass of orange juice or a cup of coffee with tar.

Chicken broth with cracker, half-saladAvocado, shrimp and vegetables (tomato, cucumber, lettuce), sprinkled with lemon juice and dressed with olive oil, pepper stuffed with vegetables, apple.

Slice of cheese with vegetable salad
A sandwich with slices of avocado and lettuce,a glass of orange juice. Oatmeal on skim milk with dried fruits and sugar substitute, a glass of yogurt or drinking yogurt. Fish casserole in the uniform, stewed zucchini, rye bread, a glass of tomato juice. Chicken breast with unpolished boiled rice and herbs, fresh salad, a glass of warm milk or tea with 1 tsp. Honey.

Drink a glass of yogurt, curdled milk or natural yogurt to improve the intestinal microflora and prevent an attack of night hunger.

Safety precautions
There are no special precautions for this monthly program: it is very soft, gentle and physiological.

How can
Nutritionists do not advise a longer month to adhere to a low calorie diet (about 1200 kcal).

Make the waistline
Perform double twisting: at the same time tear off the scapula from the shoulder and tighten the legs, bent at the knees, to the chest or every 15-20 minutes, twist the hulaohup. For a month of daily training, you can reduce the waistline by 5 centimeters.

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