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How to get rid of avitaminosis with radish

Radish - a vegetable that can be purchased already earlyIn the spring. Despite its pungent taste, it is very popular in the preparation of salads and cold summer soups. In addition, this product rich in vitamins and minerals is an excellent salvage from spring vitamin deficiency. Of course, radish has a number of useful properties, and not very much, but to appreciate it and decide if it has a place on your table, it's worth taking a good look at everything in order.

Vitamin content

First, like any vegetable, radish is the sourceFiber, which has a beneficial effect on the digestion of food, helps in the purification of the body. Vegetable fibers not only resist a set of excess weight, but also contribute to the elimination of toxins.
Secondly, in the radish the content of vitamins A, C and group B is high:
  • Vitamin A promotes growth and regeneration of body cells, positively affects the immune system
  • Vitamin C has a good effect on metabolism and rapidly removes toxins

  • B vitamins help to cleanse the vessels of cholesterol, help the nervous system work, improve the production of enzymes for digesting food, regulate the work of the heart and muscles

Mineral content

Sodium, calcium, phosphorus and fluorine are those minerals that contain radish:
  • Calcium has a positive effect on human bone tissue, as well as on nails and hair
  • Fluorine produces a similar effect on the body, but in addition to this promotes the assimilation of iron
  • Sodium is a very important element that not only maintains the water-salt balance in the body, but also helps the substances in the blood to remain dissolved
  • Phosphorus affects the strength of bones and teeth, takes part in energy distribution
And this is not the whole list of minerals thatSo rich in radishes. It would seem that they are not so much contained in it by mass - all within one milligram per hundred grams of the product. However, it is these milligrams that sometimes do not reach the body for normal functioning.

Benefits of root vegetables

Just one cup of salad with a radish a day will saveYou from beriberi. If you consume such vegetable dishes throughout the week, you can eliminate the lack of vitamins and minerals in the shortest possible time, in order to please everyone with healthy skin and hair by the summer.
The combined use of radish with onions, carrots, cucumbers covers a significant part of the daily norm of vitamins; The rest you can compensate by other meals.
It would seem that now is the 21st century, and why there are salads,When you can buy biologically active supplements and just take a couple of tablets a day? But do not forget, the body must receive vitamins naturally. In addition, healthy food is now in vogue. And the radish itself is not only useful, but also delicious, juicy and crunchy! Combine pleasant business with useful.

Cosmetic application

In addition to using radish in food, it can beUse to create home cosmetics due to high nutritional status. For example, you can make home oil for legs based on olive oil, grated radish and honey, which are combined in equal proportions. This mixture is insisted in a darkened cool place for two days, after which it is divided into a liquid and a solid part, and the first is used to soften the skin of the feet.

Contraindications to use

On a number of merits, the radish hasShortcomings, and even what! The sharpness of the root crop is given by the derivative product of mustard oil, it is the restrictor for the consumption of the vegetable. So, for example, it is not recommended to eat radish in large numbers to people with a weak cardiovascular system.
Also contraindications are gastritis withHigh acidity, stomach and intestinal ulcers. In addition, the essential oils that enter, even in the minimum proportion, in the radish composition, can cause allergic reactions, so it is necessary to give caution to root vegetables to children and allergic people.
It is necessary to know that many vitamins -Fat-soluble, that is, a drop of vegetable oil or mayonnaise in any salad, including radish, kills most of the vitamins. This means that the best dressing for this vegetable is its own juice, which is abundantly produced if you grate the root on the grater.
Be healthy!
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