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Effective methods for fighting heartburn: tips and recipes

Quickly get rid of heartburn at home

  1. Tea works wonders

    Let us tell you a secret that tea saves from manyDiseases. Heartburn in this case is no exception. Brew two spoons of tea with mint in boiling water. Let it brew and cool down. After add a little honey and drink in small sips.

  2. Potatoes for help

    Using a juicer, make potato juice and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. The result will not take long.

  3. Cranberry

    You need to mix two glasses of juice from cranberries with aloe juice. Add to the mixture two spoons of fresh honey. Stir. Pour a glass of hot water. Drink the remedy before meals.

  4. Butter

    To quickly get rid of heartburn, use sunflower oil. Just take one tablespoon of butter and drink it in one gulp.

  5. The shell is useful

    Did you know that the eggshell also helpsFor heartburn? Cook three hard-boiled eggs. Remove the shell from them. Next, try to grind it so that it turns out a kind of powder. Take the drug should be twice a day.

  6. Ginger

    Take the root of the ginger and take it immediately after eating. Repeat this several times a day.

  7. Apple vinegar

    The last effective tool about which weWant to tell you - it's apple cider vinegar. Boil water, pour it into a glass and add two spoons of vinegar. Stir. Drink in small sips while eating.

How to get rid of sodas by heartburn

Soda should be discussed separately. It will perfectly help to get rid of symptoms, improve digestion and help to remove all inflammatory processes. So, take a glass and pour hot boiled water into it. Add half a spoonful of soda. Stir. Water should become turbid. Drink in small sips, not allowing the solution to cool.

Heartburn after New Year's table

As a rule, few people succeed in the New YearAvoid heartburn. After all the delicacies of the New Year's table, noticing the symptoms of the disease, immediately brew your own tea with chamomile and drink it in small sips. Next, you can eat fruit. For example, apples, peaches and bananas will help. It is not necessary to eat oranges, they, on the contrary, can provoke heartburn. If you have a stock of honey, add it to the tea or just eat two spoons. You can also just drink one glass of boiled water.

Note that to prevent heartburn should be discarded chewing gum, menthol, mint, chocolate and carbonated drinks. All of them only provoke the disease.

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