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How to meet the New Year without excess weight

Rule "4-ki": Eat often, but in small portions

Take a little dish for yourself andIn accordance with its volume, eat only the amount of food that can fit on it. Optimum - 4 times a day every 4 hours. At the same time, the period between sleep and last reception should be at least 4 hours.

Say firm no to night gluttony
Very good, if your body will rest fromAt least 12 hours. According to the laws of nature, the human gastrointestinal tract should work at night. At this time, the maximum use of fat cells from the "strategic reserves", which, accordingly, contributes to weight loss. And the more this period of the acceleration of metabolic processes lasts longer, the more effective will be the loss of weight due to the reduction of fat mass.

Use less salt
Salt has the property of attracting water andTo promote its accumulation in our body, so the figure on the scales creeps up. Thus, limiting the consumption of salt will help reduce excess volumes. If you can not get rid of salt at all, you can recommend using low-sodium salt, which is replaced by potassium, when preparing dishes. It is thanks to this additional element, the metabolic processes in the body are enhanced, the work of the heart and other smooth muscles improves.

In order not to provoke oneself, remove the salt from the area of ​​reach, reduce the consumption of foods with a high salt content (salted fish, sausages, cheeses, canned food).

Sweet - subacute control
Products that contain sugar, it does not cost absolutelyDelete from your diet, but you should strictly monitor their consumption. A harmless for a figure can be eaten per day not more than 100 grams of sugar-containing products. At the same time, it is necessary to displace the use of these products before 4 pm. Although the choice is difficult, but you can not eat a bun, and candy, and drink sweet water: you have to stop at one point. In addition, do not underestimate the sweet soda, because the amount of excess calories in it is just off scale. Having drunk only a glass of soda, you will send yourself in your mouth already four tablespoons of sugar, which will not exactly contribute to the withdrawal of excess weight.

Pay close attention to the fat content of the products
Take control of the use of vegetableOil. Allow only one tablespoon of this product per day. Restrictions also apply to the use of hidden fats, that is, those that we do not see with the naked eye. But knowing that there are less of them in lean fish and meat leeks, in products on which their percentage is below 18 items, you will be able to control their excessive absorption.

Unloading days-green light
Hungry and unloading days are different things. In our case, preference should be given to the second. There are various options for unloading days (dairy, vegetable or fruit). Thus, once a week, you should eat only foods that belong to one of these species. But here there are limitations. On a "milk" day it is allowed to eat not more than 1.5 liters of kefir and 350 g of cottage cheese, distributing them in equal proportions between the three main meals. Suppose, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can eat 100 grams of cottage cheese and drink 1 cup of kefir. The rest of the yogurt should be drunk during the day in between these practices.

For unloading days on fruits and vegetablesFit any of their kinds. Although, advising vegetable days of release, nutritionists focus on cabbage, zucchini, green pepper and cucumbers. And as for fruits, bananas, persimmons, figs and grapes are banned.

The maximum amount of vegetables used orFruits per day - 1 kg, it is important to observe one condition: take food at regular intervals (for example, every 3 hours) and approximately the same volume by volume.

Eat at home exclusively
Dining or dining in restaurants and cafes,It is virtually impossible to control how much oil and salt was used in the preparation of certain dishes. Therefore, during the period of active weight loss, it is advisable to eat only home-made foods that you have prepared yourself.

Thus, following all these recommendations, you can barely lose a few pounds in a few weeks and meet New Year in a new guise.
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