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Three super products for a fasting day

The main condition for unloading days isliquid. It is necessary to consume throughout the day. Lots of water is lost from our body, but fat also goes away, but it is slower. At once, the effect is not to see.

The first product for unloading is chicken.

Chicken meat contains a lot of protein, so thisDay is called protein. Remove the carcass from the carcass, since there is a lot of fat in it, we take out the bones and extract it. Of course, you can not salt it. To the chicken you can add greens. For example, parsley, dill, coriander, onion green, lettuce. We eat all day long. Do not forget to drink water or you can have tea, only without sugar.

We take the meat of the chicken with water, thenThere is a forced digestion of the protein. This requires more energy than the digestion of fat and carbohydrates. Our intestines work, as a result, consumes a large number of calories. And the proteins split very long, in the end we feel the sense, we do not want to eat for long.

The second product, which is ideal for unloading days, is rice.

Take a glass of this cereal and boil it, butBefore half-preparedness. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates, but that they do not turn complicated into simple ones, you do not need to cook rice. Complex carbohydrates are longer processed by our body, so the feeling of saturation us for a long time nepokidayet. This unloading day will be called carbohydrate. After the grits, divide it into 8 portions and eat all day long. Do not forget about tea or water. Rice is not soluble during cooking. For example, at 8 o'clock in the morning we ate the first part of rice, after an hour they drank it with water, and so on. Of course, you can drink immediately. This is unprincipled.

This croup regulates the ratio of potassium and magnesium in our organism. There is a delay in salt. Excess potassium removes water from us.

The third product, which is good for eating in days of unloading, is grapefruit and egg white.

We remove the egg yolk, since in itContains a lot of fat that is not necessary for us and much cholesterol. This is the most beautiful of all day off. Protein stimulates the production of cellulose, agrepfruit is a fruit, which itself contains it in large quantities. This is a good thing for our body. It takes out unnecessary, unnecessary liquid, and also toxic substances. Fiber is not digested, not absorbed. It forces the muscles of our intestines to work. He spends a lot of energy in the process of work, that is, calories. For the whole day it takes 5 grapefruit and 5 egg whites. You need to eat every hour, alternating a fruit, a toffee. Be sure to drink as much liquid as possible. It's not necessarily water. It's possible, coffee and any other drinks, most importantly, without sugar. We need to eat fewer calories.

All the above-mentioned unloading days are perfect, they have different products. They are united by one thing - the absence of salt.

Bring your figure back to normal, because soon so many holidays.

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