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Poultry on the hands: reasons, treatment at home

How do the pimples look on the photo - this is a small part of a variety of options.

Causes of pimples on the hands

Puppies on the hands most often arise from externalReasons: the effect of low temperature, the lack of a simple habit - dry hands after contact with water, contact with chemicals - washing powders, cleaning and detergents. Do not go out with wet, badly wiped hands, this triggers the appearance of skin problems. Unfortunately, pimples on the skin can also be symptoms of internal disorders of the body: metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, vitamin deficiency.

Chickens occur not only on the skin of the hands. Cracked, coarse skin on elbows, rough knees, deliver not only aesthetic, but also physical discomfort. On the cheeks can also arise these unpleasant scaly pimples and specks.

How to get rid of pimples

How to start treatment so unpleasantProblems - pimples on the skin? First and foremost, it is advisable to consult with specialists: with a dermatologist and therapist, with a pediatrician if the chicks occur in children. Depending on their conclusions and recommendations, either a medicamental treatment of poultry on the hands is used, or the sufferer tries to change household habits and looks for recipes of folk medicine, trying to cure the pimples in their hands at home.

The appearance of pimples can be due toHereditary problems (keratosis, vitamin D deficiency), deficiency of other vitamins. Avitaminosis is supplemented by a change in the diet: the consumption of fruits and vegetables containing vitamins A, D, C, PP. Admission of multivitamins as a treatment, on the recommendation of a doctor, will also help get rid of pimples on the hands, elbows, knees and cheeks. If the causes of the appearance of pimples are internal (diseases of the digestive system: liver, pancreas, etc.), then one should take care of your child's health, your health, seriously.

General recommendations that help not provokeThe appearance of pimples on your hands: use gloves to put things in order in your house - my dishes, bath, toilet, rubbing the floors, it is worth remembering these simple and effective "gadgets" - gloves. The diverse chemicals used by every mistress do not spare your skin. If possible, use natural, but also effective "chemicals" for washing dishes - laundry soap, mustard, baking soda. After economic manipulation do not forget to grease hands with a nutritious emollient cream, vegetable oil, vitamin A solution. Do not forget also about dry skin on elbows and knees.

Children's chicks

Baby skin is tender, and poorly protected fromExtreme combinations of wind, low temperatures and moisture. Puffs in a child are more common than in an adult, and they give little trouble to those who are more difficult to cope with. The child will not patiently endure the itching arising from pimples - combs exacerbate skin lesions on the hands, cheeks, knees. Damaged skin is an open gate for infection.

Children's dermatologist will give qualified adviceTo get rid of this unpleasant and painful problem, and parents can explain to the child why they need to keep their skin clean and make friends with the "fluffy towel" and help restore the normal condition of the baby's skin with the help of children's cosmetics.

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