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Benefit and harm of soybeans

What is soya?
Externally, soybean resembles beans, has a strong andErect stalk. But there are also dwarf species of soybeans, up to 30 cm high, and there are giants reaching 2 meters. Value represents the fruits of soy. By biological value, they are closest to legumes. About 70 fruits are removed from one plant. There are hybrids of soybeans, allowing you to remove up to 400 fruits from one bush.

The native land of this plant is China (northern). Products from soybeans were the main food of Chinese peasants. Only in the second half of the 20th century this plant became interested in Europe. And her popularity has increased tremendously after learning about the content of a large amount of protein and fat in the plant. Soya, not having a clearly expressed taste, perfectly absorbs the smells of the products with which it is prepared. In modern technologies for the production of food products, it is these properties that are used.

Useful properties of soybean
Soy products all over the world are recognized very muchUseful for people. They are easy to digest and strengthen immunity. It is called an analog of meat. It contains up to 50% protein. For vegetarians, soy products are just a godsend! From soybeans are obtained oil, which is rich in vitamins of group B. It contains vitamins A, C, P, D. Tocopherols slow down the process of aging of a person, increase the resistance of the organism, increase the male potency. It contains unique substances. For example, generic suppresses cancer on the first stages, and the synthesis of cholesterol can reduce lecithin.

Soy products
Curd tofu. It is made from soy milk. This is the favorite food of the Japanese. Cottage cheese is served with a spicy sauce or added to spicy dishes, you can put it in soups.

Soy meat. It represents soy protein concentrate andIt is much easier to digest beef or pork. But it is not everyone who can correctly and deliciously prepare a soy product, this must be learned. To give it flavor and taste, spices are also used.

Soy Milk. It's just a drink reminiscent of milk byAppearance. It lacks lactose, which allows it to become a substitute for cow's milk for people with allergies. The taste of milk is given all kinds of additives: vanillin, chocolate.

Soy flour. It is obtained from fried fruits, ground toPowder state. Flour is actively used in the food industry. It is added to confectionery and bakery products. This flour perfectly replaces the egg powder. Foods for babies, dairy products, various desserts, delicious whipped cream can not do without this flour.

Miso paste. It is prepared from soy, prepared in a special wayWith the addition of rice, barley and sea salt. Withstand a paste for a year and a half. During this time they receive a useful product for improving the performance of the intestinal microflora.

Soybean oil. This soy product is perfectly suited for dressing vegetable salads and homemade mayonnaise. It contains omega-3, a useful fatty acid.

Soy sauce. It has a bright and quite rich taste, it can decorate any dish. With its regular use, there is an indispensable improvement in blood circulation, metabolic processes in the body.

Harm to soy products
The question arises: If soy is so useful, then what harm can it do to us? In the world there is nothing unequivocal. This applies to the fruits of soy. But you should use it correctly. With illiterate use, you can only harm your health. Soya also contains substances that prevent the absorption in the body of vital amino acids. Therefore, you first need to find out how to properly prepare the fruit of soy.

They are first soaked for 12 hours, the water is drained. After washing the fruit, they are poured again with water. Then they start to boil with a boiling for an hour. And then at least a slow cook for at least three hours.

It is recommended to consume soya in small quantities. It is not a product of basic nutrition. Unregulated use of it can negatively affect the reproductive function of man.

Most people avoid soyProducts. They are afraid to use genetically modified soy beans. After all, the effect of such products on the human body has not yet been studied at the proper level. But soy is an economically profitable product. And producers are interested in improving the quality of this culture.

Apparently, soy is a unique product. Without soy products, it is difficult to treat patients with diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and allergies to animal proteins.

Of course, the judicious use of soy products is a small part of the correct lifestyle of a person. The measure must be respected in everything!
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