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Chicken broth, honey and lemons in the fight against colds

Studies of medical professionals in a number of countries in Europe, the US andIsrael clearly indicated the positive role of some of the everyday simple dishes and foods that they can play to strengthen the body's immunity against colds.

Let's start with "Jewish penicillin" - so in jestCall the chicken soup. For thousands of years, careful, troublesome mothers and grandmothers rushed to cook chicken soup at the first signs of colds of children and grandchildren, convincing them that there is no more effective means. And it always helped! The thing is, in the chicken soup contains carnosine, which has a powerful immunostimulating effect. The hot liquid itself already improves the movement of mucus in the respiratory tract, and hot, appetizing smell, chicken broth reduces the symptoms of colds and flu - a runny nose, cough, sore throat. Chicken soup absorbed a unique combination of nutrients and vitamins. Organosulfides, stimulating the production of immune cells, fall into the broth of onions. From carrots - vitamin A and carotenoids, they increase the level of antibodies in the body. The level of interferon and neutrophils is regulated by vitamin C. The lymphocytes are affected by vitamin E. Chicken meat has a lot of zinc, which is good for the immune system. Numerous tests have unequivocally confirmed that regular chicken broths are ill on average twice as often as those who ignore it.

In many cases, with sore throat orCoughs recommend honey, lemon or a mixture of this sweet couple. You do not need to brush aside these tips. His reputation for this "heavy artillery" against the cold deserved its one hundred percent result. Logically everything is clear: honey is a pantry of numerous vitamins and trace elements, which have a beneficial effect on metabolic processes. And in lemon, except for vitamins (especially lemon became famous thanks to vitamin C), the mass of phytoncides that contribute to internal mobilization of forces in the body to fight the attacking infection. The joint application of lemon with honey enhances the multiply effectiveness of this drug. There are hundreds of recipes that can be used to prepare medicinal or preventive medicines from them. But meticulous pedantic researchers wanted to test different kinds of honey. In Israel, the children were given 10 grams of honey half an hour before bedtime. A few days later, the frequency of cough decreased, the sleep of children improved. It was noted that the result of honey was more positive than the currently popular dextromethorphan. Experts pointed out that the antibacterial effects of any honey in inflammation of the throat are almost identical in effect, although even the king of honey was tested - the honey of Manuka from New Zealand. When the honey is heated, for example, in a hot drink, the bactericidal properties are lost. If honey and lemon are used, honey should not be melted, and the lemon should not be peeled. And we will wipe out the nose of the entire pharmacological industry with its pills and drops.

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