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What is the use and how to properly make tea helba

To brew tea, you must first thoroughly wash the water with seeds, then pour them with steep boiling water. 20 minutes they must insist. So make and ordinary tea.

How correctly to make a helba?
To get a relaxing drink thatWill help restore strength, you need two teaspoons of fenugreek to boil for five minutes. Arab women love shamballa for giving their body a roundness. Such a figure in the East is considered ideal. They drink it and during pregnancy. It gives elasticity to the muscles. Tea is hot, warm, add milk, sugar or honey. Seeds, already used, do not throw away, but eat up. They are useful for a sick stomach. Yellow tea can not only refresh in the heat, but also help with asthma and colds, with a cold. It is also useful in the treatment of pneumonia. His expectorant effect surpasses all modern medicines.

To get the maximum benefit from the drink andPleasure, you need to rinse the seeds thoroughly in cool water and then dry them for two days on a piece of paper. Two tablespoons of seeds pour 200 g of water, at least 5 minutes to boil. For taste, honey or ground ginger is suitable. Correctly brewing Egyptian tea, you can quickly improve your health with bronchitis and coughing. And with pneumonia, two spoons of fenugreek are filled with a glass of water and boiled for at least ten minutes.

For the treatment of inflammation in the throat and mouthTake 2-3 tablespoons of Shambala. Bay 2-mika glasses of cold water, half an hour cooked. Further insist and then filter. With a warm tea solution, rinse the throat as often as possible.

They drink yellow tea while breastfeeding. It increases the production of human milk. But they also make it in a special way. Take two tablespoons of seeds, two tablespoons of honey and pour a glass of water. The water must be very hot. Ten minutes insist and use up to four glasses a day. Yellow tea is able to cure inflammation of the vagina and uterus. For syringing insist two spoons of seeds in a glass of boiling water.

In ancient times shamballa was used to strengthenHair growth and their treatment. In ancient Egypt, yellow tea made it easy for women. Now women in Europe drink this delicious drink to relieve severe pain during menstruation. Tea is also taken with tourists. It will help in case of gastric disorders when eating unfamiliar food. Tea is also beneficial for patients with diabetes mellitus. It is a part of special diets. Brewing fenugreek with the addition of stevia, take it as a cure for arthritis. Drink several times a day for half a glass.

Fenugreek cleanses the kidneys perfectly. A decoction of fenugreek with dates will help to remove stones from the bladder. Brewing a helba is allowed several times. But the first welding will give the best result.

Fenugreek is a product of vegetarian cuisine. Its seeds contain a lot of protein, calcium and magnesium. To raise the strength after the disease, it is considered the most suitable food. From the seeds make a paste to treat boils and ulcers. Shambhala with valerian is considered a tonic for the nervous system. To give the body tone, you can simply eat a spoonful of powder every day. Its taste is quite pleasant.

Most people are already familiar with this amazing drink, they know how to brew it and how much to take, so that the body receives a lot of useful substances. Try and you!
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