/ What does our body need when pulling on a particular product?

What does our body need when pulling on a particular product?

Often, losing weight, who went on about their ownbody, eventually become a patient's patient. It turns out that for some reason their body always asked for something different than what it really needed. However, the problem is not in the body: it did signal about the deficiency of certain nutrients, but the lady who reduces the weight of the ladies does not always correctly interpret these signals.

It often happens that a person lacks someEssential amino acids. The organism in such cases begins to signal "I want meat." Women who feel this need immediately go to the store and buy sausage: they are convinced that this is a meat product. Actually, in modern sausage-sausage products of meat there can be from 2 to 8%, that is, in 100 g of sausage, at best, 8 g Meat. And there can be a talk here about replenishment of amino acid deficiency?

Craving for sweets.Does our body really need a huge amount of sweets and cakes? But what about the abundance of calories that, if not physically loaded, will most likely turn into fat? Such a signal of the body must be properly decoded: in most cases the body really lacks carbohydrates - only not simple ones, which are contained in confectionery products, but complex ones. Introduction of a sufficient number of unrefined cereals, grain bread, legumes, vegetables and fruits in the diet helps to solve the problem.

Do you want to have a protein, chalk or a tooth powder? Here it is necessary to go on about the body just inappropriately, but we must run to the store for dairy products and to the pharmacy for calcium-containing drugs. And at the same time it would be nice to make an appointment with an endocrinologist to check if there are violations of calcium metabolism in the body.

A craving for salt can indicate a lowered arterial pressure.

The need for acute and acidicgastritis with decreased secretion, insufficiency of digestive enzymes or chronic stress. Coffee and chocolate are desirable when overworked, and fish and seafood-in the shortage of iodine. So our body really knows how to communicate about their desires, but only signals should not be taken literally.

If the desire to eat something calibrated -Cake, chocolate occurs a few days before the start of menstruation, it makes sense to check the hemoglobin level. But this must be done before and after the menstruation: if hemoglobin is reduced in both cases (less than 115 g / l), then iron deficiency anemia is observed. And the body must not be fed sweet, but meat, eggs, mushrooms, buckwheat and greens.

The lower the fat content, the better

In the shops you can find dairy products withdifferent levels of fat. Losing weight is chosen by those with a lower percentage: they are more useful. From the point of view of those who count calories, so it is, but according to the dietician, this is the real myth. The fact that dairy products are the most important source of not only readily available to the body protein, which is so valued vdietah, but calcium.

And this mineral is better absorbed in the presence ofFats. "Zero" dairy products can not be sources of calcium. We have to look for a compromise: the fat content of the drinking products (milk, kefir, yogurt) should be at least 1.5%, and cottage cheese and grained cheese - 4-5%. So the fat goes a little, and calcium is absorbed.

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