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Secrets of a woman's good health

Secrets of health and beauty after 40 years

1. Check your weight every day
Place near the bed or the bathroom floorLibra. Maybe someone will find this superfluous, but the arrangement of scales in these places will allow you to constantly track the weight. Weight is constantly changing. Do not panic if weight has increased.

2. Water is life
The body helps to function better drinking water. If you do not like boiled water, add a little apple juice to it, so you can tint it and add flavor. Do not be afraid to drink water before weighing. The weight does not affect the weight.

3. Avoid eating processed foods
Remember that the packaged products have been processed and this is harmful. Cook them as sparingly as possible. And although this is not easy, it is quite possible.

4. Avoid fast food and sugary drinks
Do not be deceived by the inscriptions that are written on the packages and labels of dietary products. Such goods will only make you unhappy and thicker.

5. Sleep at least 7 hours a day
This is necessary in order to remain healthyMan. Sleep and water are the most important thing. If you do not sleep enough for a week, then you must sleep on the weekend, try to sleep no more than 8 hours. To make the dream good, make the bed comfortable. A good bed helps the body to function properly during sleep.

6. Finally, get off the couch
You can lose weight if you eat right on 33%Another 33% allow your body to have a good rest, and another 33% to move. If you are sitting on the couch, bursting potatoes, then watching TV shows, you simply waste your time. If you can not do without a TV set, then do it for him. Go to the sports club, where there are simulators and a TV, where you can combine useful with pleasant. And it's better to go in for sports without a TV. Do not watch films at night, only harm from them.

7. Eat vegetable salads
It will please your body. And even if you do not like them, when you start eating them, you can not stop. Salads are useful for weight loss. If they take up most of your diet, then you will lose weight.

8. Eat vegetables, fruits and fish

Do this wherever and whenever possible. At the same time, you will not gain an excessive amount of calories and will feel more energetic and healthier.

9. Do not listen to scientists
At first they said that red wine canProlong life, then invent other fairy tales. It is better to eat honey, yogurt and other healthy foods. Think with your head. Eat what you need for health.

10. Reduce the amount of alcohol
If you like to drink a glass of red wine every day, allow yourself. But try to gradually reduce the amount of wine drunk. Over time, you will lose the desire to drink.

11. Do not feel guilty for eating any food
Whatever you eat, do not feel guilty. Life is short to experience negative emotions.

12. Set yourself a goal that you need to achieve a certain weight
Do not panic, work on yourself if nothing is working out yet.

13. Do not go on an empty stomach to the store
Everybody knows this old rule, and it works. Buy as many products as you need at the moment.

14. Do not keep unhealthy food at home.
Do not buy harmful products, so then try them not to be willpower. The less biscuits and chips you have in your home, the less temptation to eat.

15. Do everything gradually
If you are currently unable to refuseFrom dairy products, go to skim. If you do not want to give up cheese, cut it into small pieces. Find out how much calories are in your favorite foods. You can cut portions without any effort or sacrifice. These tips will help you to maintain health and beauty.
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