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Grapefruit. Benefit or harm?

When is grapefruit useful?
Scientists advise to use it to all people withCardiovascular pathologies. And to prevent the development of atherosclerosis can not do without. It has a sufficiently rich red color. Fruits with this color of pulp have higher useful properties than fruits with less bright flesh. Grapefruit is considered a dietary product. It is able to influence metabolism. Improved metabolism easily burns excess fat in the body. Assimilation of fruit in the body occurs easily. He even helps digest other foods. Dieticians have made a diet, which included this fruit. But it has not been studied enough, so not all the medical community according to this diet.

I must say that the high popularity of grapefruitContributes to its essential oil. It has many useful properties. Very good oil can help with severe swelling. Eliminates it and cellulite on the hips or abdomen, the skin gets all the necessary microelements and vitamins. And the thin smell of oil instantly raises the extinguished mood. When caring for a facial skin without oil, this fruit is difficult to manage. It excellently tones up the skin, narrows the pores, the functioning of the sebaceous glands back to normal. The skin gets rid of greasy plaque. With the regular use of essential oil, you can prevent the appearance of comedones on your face (black dots), forget forever about pimples that used to irritate you before.

Oil keeps the skin moisture, which helps to look young and beautiful. This oil can even lighten the skin lightly.

Oil differs and tonic effect, it can strengthen libido in men. This is just a small fraction of what the grapefruit can surprise us with, and please.

Is there any harm?
Useful properties of amazing overseas fruitOn the present day are questioned. There were even heated debates about his natural origin earlier. Many were sure that this is a hybrid of citrus fruits. Perhaps an orange and pomelo. The experiments conducted on women were not in favor of the beneficial properties of the fruit. And even the conclusion was drawn that it strengthens the occurrence of breast cancer. But these results have their reservations and are poorly understood. The main conclusion is the negative effect of fruit juice on liver function. It is she who can regulate the level of female hormones. It has been scientifically proven that the citrus fruit enhances the effects of ultraviolet on the female breast.

Yes, without doubting, it can be argued that the benefits of man this fruit brings a lot. But it has some undesirable properties.

It is contraindicated for people with stomach diseases. Fruit juice has a very high acidity, which can contribute to a sufficiently strong irritation of the mucosa of the digestive organs. It is not recommended for patients with chronic kidney disease. With hepatitis and cystitis also contraindicated.

It can not be if the patient takesDrugs that reduce blood pressure. Fruit juice does not allow splitting and digestion of the medicine. It may not have the desired effect. Patients undergoing treatment in hospitals should also give up this fruit. It is contraindicated in the use of hormonal contraceptives to women.
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