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How to become more energetic in the winter

  • The event proposes sledges and skis, buckets andshovels. Drive down with the children from the slides, build the snow locks. Only an active walk gives a feeling of pleasant fatigue, tones up the muscles and leaves behind a long train of good mood.
  • The activity in general contributes to the secretion of serotonin. If you move in the fresh air, blood is enriched with oxygen. Serotonin lowers the level of adrenaline, which causes unreasonable anxiety, irritability and bad sleep.

February days can become resuscitatingfor the body, and incineration for the soul. It's all about transforming the material you proposed. The first way to cheer up is to change the usual course of events. Arrange the weekend in the middle of the week. Spending on work and one missed day at school is a non-catastrophe. Go to the water park, bowling, play snowballs. Go to the restaurant, where you will prepare a pizza for a dense Italian baritone.

These 24 hours will create the necessary drive that will help finish the report, complete the table of irregular verbs ... And most importantly, consider the charm of the last month of winter.

Turn on solar panels

Yellow, orange, pink and red fruitscolor declare that they accumulated in their own hot solar energy. A child needs to be persuaded to eat a mandarin or a grapefruit. Citrus provide ascorbic acid. As for allergic reactions, they often arise because of the excessive amount eaten. By the way, it is rich in vitamin C and cabbage, especially red meat. Tender and juicy, she just like the baby.

Create an energy mix can be combined with walnuts, dried apricots, raisins. All this through the meat grinder, mix with honey. A teaspoonful a day is enough for a child.

Carrot salad is one of the useful garnish options. Provitamin A, contained in carrots, is needed for adequate work of the optic nerve.

Take mineral fuel

It is believed that the mineral substances are not as important as vitamins. But without them, the crumb does not return the ability of the Energizer.

For the winter menu, the products rich in iodine are relevant. It normalizes the function of the thyroid gland, regulates the work of the central nervous system. So fish, seafood, kelp are needed at least once a week. It is necessary for mood and potassium. It is this mineral that is the best antidepressant. A lot of it in dried fruits, bananas and baked potatoes.

Use the power of water

Best of all, the body of the organism saturates plain water with moisture, vitaminizes juices, and herbal teas act as immunostimulants.

It can be said that the fresh squeezed juice is the energy inpure form. The union of vitamins and minerals, and even in lightweight form. Drink fresh immediately after preparation. With every minute he loses his advantage.

Tea - universal drink: in summer it cools, warms in winter. Brewed strawberry and black currant, echinacea, linden. With dog rose be careful. Rich in vitamin C, it, unfortunately, washes away the calcium of the organism.

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