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Food habits that spoil the figure

Mode of eating. Incorrect mode is the main reasonWeight gain. Most people endure long enough breaks between meals. Abundantly eat only in the morning and late at night, lunch is generally excluded. It is believed that a cup of coffee with a hamburger is enough for lunch. But this only increases the appetite for dinner, eaten much more food, ie, there is a significant overeating. This power mode is invalid. It leads to a slowing of metabolism in the body. And this is fraught with the delay in the sides and waist fat accumulation. It is these places that are our problem. Remember the wisdom of the people and always give dinner to the enemy.

Some think that if there should not beLong intervals between meals, it is necessary to have a snack more often. They start to chew constantly, but the number of calories does not control. At work it just will not work. But the solution is: eat up to 6 times during the day, stick to one time. Remember the caloric intake of the food and its correct volume. You can also have a snack, but only unsweetened fruits and natural dairy products. Forget about grapes and bananas. These delicious fruits contain a lot of sugar, which is not useful for the figure.

Absorption rate of products. Fast absorption of food is also one of theBad habits. To understand the amount eaten by the body takes time, but you do not give it to him. And when the brain receives a signal of saturation, you will already eat much more food than the norm. It is also a road to excess weight. Spend more time for a feast, chew food slowly. People say that they live longer who chews longer.

Stunting of stress. There is an opinion that to get rid of the depressing youYou can forget about the problems with the help of your favorite and delicious food. This method is very easy, but undesirable. You can absorb instantly all the delicious foods stored in the refrigerator. It is possible that the mood will rise, but the problems with the figure will remain, and even kilograms will be added.

Try to solve your problems differently. Walk in the evening before going to bed, listen to pleasant music, clean up the house, talk with a loved one. Look for the reasons for your problems and troubles. Make a plan to solve them literally, and do not seize the problem. Food is just a defense against a problem, not a solution.

Alcoholic beverages. If you often drink alcohol, thenAn elegant figure you can forget. Alcohol will only bring you extra pounds in the days of joy and in the days of grief. It has a high calorie content and increases appetite. A glass of wine or beer in a circle of pleasant people can relieve tension, improve mood, but can also dull control. And then you will not be able to keep from cakes and chops, dumplings and rolls. Remember that alcohol is not only your enemy's enemy, but also your health. Adhere to these simple tips, observe the proper use of food, and you will always feel the chained views of others!
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