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The damage of trans-fats

From what get the trails

There are several types of fats. Saturated and unsaturated are useful. Hydrogenated trans fats are not useful. They include trans-isomers, otherwise elements of unsaturated fatty acids, which are quite harmful, in contrast to the same fats of vegetable origin. Grain-yielding origin is obtained from flax seeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, spinach. Trans fats - by heating the vegetable oil to 200C and passing through it hydrogen under high pressure. As a result of the high temperature and pressure, some of the unsaturated fatty acids are modified to saturate. Vegetable oil becomes a solid vegetable fat, which is resistant to oxidation processes, can be stored for a long time, relatively not expensive.

The damage of trans-fats

Trans fats are harmful to humans because, whenThey are enriched with oxygen, then their molecules change their structure. They in the process of hydrogenation pass from the cis-form (from direct molecules) into the trans-form or into the curved ones. This leads to the fact that they can not fulfill their natural functions. Their ability to interfere with the metabolism of cells, replacing the molecule of unsaturated fatty acids assists in the development of certain types of cancer tumors. Frequent use of trans fats can lead to increased content of bad cholesterol in the blood, to the emergence of various diseases of blood vessels and the heart.

Trans fats are capable of provoking the development of sugar diabetes, obesity, significantly worsen the quality of breast milk, thereby affecting the weight and completely on the health of the child.

When they are used, defenses decreaseOrganism. Umuzhchin there is a reduction in the quantity and quality of sperm. Negative functioning of the enzymes, from them depends on the clearance of various chemical substances, carcinogens, drugs taken.

In what products is the high content of spoilers

In order to avoid negative influenceTrans-health, we must try to buy less products that have in their composition vegetable oil in a modified form. But, unfortunately, manufacturers do not always indicate their presence on the labels of the product. For foodstuffs in which trans fats are present in large quantities, it is necessary to include: mayonnaise, sauces, mayonnaise, lungkite, margarine, industrial semi-finished products (cutlets, fish and meat sticks), popcorn, light cheeses, in which either a complete or a small Animal fat vegetable. Also, the use of creams, fast foods, soups in packages, various dry concentrates is undesirable. Purchased muffins, bread, confectionery of all kinds have in their composition an argar, which belongs to trans fats.

They are completely absent in the plant,Butter and in such products of animal origin as cream, cheese, interior fat. But if the composition of the cheese is vegetable oil, then it says that in addition to hydrogenated fat, if you have purchased a light oil, it is nothing more than vegetable oil in its solid state.

From all of the above, it is clear that trans fatsAre included in the composition of products produced on an industrial scale, so it is better to eat everything at home. If this fails, reduce the use of these products to a minimum and when buying them, study carefully the content.

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