/ How to combine medicines and products together?

How to combine medicines and products together?

How to combine drugs and products

There are in our time several "species"Medicines. At this time, they are completely neutral to such products, which we use every day. Drugs do not interact with them, and you can take them at any time - overtime, and after eating. Even there are medicines that are recommended for eating instead of eating. However, there are medicines to which food is destructive. They lose their activity, "die." For example, vegetables, cereals, cereal bread, which are very rich in cellulose, can sometimes "cancel out" the actions of "cardiac" drugs, in particular, digoxin.

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of antibiotics (toFor example, tetracyclines) is slightly weakened by dairy products. However, at the same time, these products are useful for people who negatively tolerate various analgesic drugs. For example, such a fairly common medicine, like aspirin, acts on the stomach aggressively. Milk, in turn, softens this "aggression", protects the mucous membrane and prevents the development of gastritis, ulcers.

It can also be that some productsNutrition enhance the activity of the drug. As a result, it turns out as if "overdose" it, there is a probability of various side effects, and this is bad. For example, in this way, alcoholic beverages behave in relation to various analgesics with sparacetamol. This is due to the fact that the alcohol in alcohol is attracting to itself some enzymes, which are required to destroy the toxic components of the paracetamol preparation. As a result, they continue to "live", gradually accumulating, adversely affecting our liver. About the same image acts on statins of grapefruit juice (such drugs significantly reduce the level of cholesterol in the body).

But there are very different principlesInteraction of products of medical products. Hypertonics perfectly know the drugs that are called "by-catch" in everyday life (captopril, enalapril, etc.). In the body they detain potassium, which is very useful for the activity of blood vessels and the heart. And if you take such medicines, eat foods that contain a lot of potassium in your body, then there will be an excess in your body. This can lead to a violation of the rhythms of the heart. When you use these medicines you can not eat a lot of cabbage, bananas, oranges, leaf lettuce. They have a rather large concentration of potassium.

Many drugs used fromDepression, require certain certain restrictions in food. For example, it is not allowed to use all cheeses, smoked products, chocolate, game, as well as pates. And this is not the whole range of products. Therefore, this diet in itself contributes to the emergence of depression in humans. Fortunately, such a diet requires not all antidepressants.

What can I do to make the treatment reallyEffective "contradictions" between food and drugs did not arise? In the very first place, it is necessary to carefully study the available instructions on the use of a particular drug, especially in the section of compatibility with food. If there are no direct instructions (even happens and such), it is necessary to observe a number of some obligatory rules.

Rules for taking medications

  1. It is not necessary to "interfere" with drugs with alcohol, with coffee, with tea and inapits with caffeine, as well as with the fruits of grapefruit or its juice.
  2. Tablets should be washed down with clean water. Do not grind them, break them, stir them, if there are no direct instructions to this in the instructions for taking the medicine.
  3. If the instructions say that eating a drugDoes not influence, it can be taken at any time. But if there is no indication, then the medicine is taken always either before meals (somewhere in an hour) or after taking food (two hours later).
  4. You can not take medicines at the same time as minerals.
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