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Diagnosis by shoes. What can the shoes tell?

Swelling of the legs in the evening is a sign of heart failure
Many people often complain that in the morningFeel quite comfortable in the shoes, but by the evening the situation is drastically changing - the legs swell and your favorite shoes start to squeeze the foot horribly (when they are removed, there are dents on their feet).

This situation is the mostCommon in medical practice, when there is a tendency to linger in the body fluid. The liquid rushes under the force of gravity downwards, as a result of which the legs swell. At night, the human body is in a horizontal position, and the blood circulates quite normally throughout the body. But in the daytime, when we are in an upright position, and still walk a lot, stagnation of blood and fluid occurs due to weak blood flow.

This is one of the signs of heart failure,When the heart weakly pumps blood. The heart of a young man performs rhythmic contractions, pumps blood well. But with heart failure, the pulse becomes very frequent, and the discharge of blood is small, as a result of which the salts and fluid linger in the body, and by the evening the legs become like "calories".

There is only one way out of this situation -It is necessary to undergo a medical examination, to do an echocardiography of the heart, which will help to discover the cause of heart failure. And after that the cardiologist will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Increasing the size of an adult's leg

In common cases, even in an adultCan increase the size of the feet, when even the usual shoes suddenly become small. In fact, not only does the foot increase, but also the upper limbs, as well as the chin and nose, occur. Just seeing your reflection in the mirror every day, it is not so noticeable, and is seen as an ordinary age coarsening of the face, that is, as a variant of growing up. In fact, this is the first reason to conduct a brain examination, namely, the department that we call the pituitary (neuroendocrine gland).

The pituitary gland produces a special hormone, which inThe right moments stimulate the growth of a person. If the adult begins to grow again, then there is a tumor of the pituitary gland, which, developing, begins to produce this hormone in excess quantities, and then we see such a clinical picture. This symptom is called acromegaly ("acros" - the end, "megalos" - an increase in size) - an increase in the size of the terminal parts of the skeleton (jaw, nose, arms and legs grow).

Despite the fact that as a result of the development of the diseaseThere is a physical growth of bones, yet it is perfectly treatable. It is necessary to conduct a brain examination (make a magnetic resonance imaging) to determine the degree of pituitary tumor, and then remove this tumor surgically.

Unpleasant odor from the feet (fungal infection)
One of the most common human problemsIs the presence of an unpleasant odor from the feet. Shooting shoes, many have to blush, because the smell can be just unbearable. But in fact, the cause of the unpleasant odor from the legs is simple: the presence of such a disease as dermatomycosis - fungal foot injury.

What it is? Fungus is a microorganism that will feed on everything that is and on what it grows, but it grows on the nails, the sole, between the fingers. And then the products of vital activity of this fungus decompose, and we feel an unpleasant smell. Plus, the presence of this kind of destroyed tissue also attracts bacterial infection, that is, most often with dermatomycosis we have a mixed infection - both fungal and bacterial, and this causes an even more unpleasant smell.

Until the fungal infection isEliminated, no deodorants for the feet and frequent washing will not help to remove the unpleasant odor. Therefore, the first thing to do is to visit a dermatologist, who will look at the extent of the lesion and most likely prescribe the pills (taken once a week or once every three days). In addition, in addition to compliance with personal hygiene rules, every time you wash your feet, you must treat the affected area with an antifungal gel or ointment. And, of course, it is important to replace all your home flip-flops and socks, and during the therapy use new ones. And the street shoes do not forget to work with ultraviolet.
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