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Pills for motion sickness

Why people are?

It is worth noting that the symptom of seasickness inIn some cases, even among healthy people, who have never suffered this. Takorganizm reacts to the pitching, due to which it sends the brain signals of an ambiguous nature. If there are noticeable physical movements in the conditions of sea propulsion, then there are none in the plane at all, because the body is not moving and does not receive any visible movements. But this is only our visual impression, even the slightest movement can be felt by the bureau apparatus. Such a pronounced change in space, like separation from the ground and rocking in the air, does not pass unnoticed, the signals that we do not notice are sent to the brain. But these signals are extremely contradictory, as a plus and minus, eventually the brain, receiving such a variety of signals, begins to conflict, this leads to kinetosis.

Medical preparations against motion sickness

It is worth saying that medicine has been around for a long timeWorking on the problem with these diseases, and today there are already developed many drugs that can weaken or completely drown diseases associated with sucking. The range of these drugs is quite large, among them there are igomeopathic remedies and medications, this allows everyone to choose the optimal option for themselves. Below is a short list with a description of some of the preparations against motion sickness.


This drug is produced in Croatia, it is aimedWarning symptoms of seasickness. The drug is produced in tablets, which quickly begin to help, a maximum of half an hour, the symptoms of the sea disease disappear, and the duration of their exposure to 6 hours. The drug is excreted from the body through the urine, but in the case of women it enters breast milk, so it can not be used by nursing mothers. The drug is quite innocuous and can be used even for children aged 1 year.

It is worth mentioning about the contraindications thatVinstruktsii are indicated, among them there are cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma other. Depending on the body, there may be side effects, which for tablets from motion sickness are very strange, there may be vomiting and nausea. But this is more likely an exception and is extremely rare, perhaps because of the organism's resistance to the components of the drug. The most common side effect is sleepiness, which, on the contrary, is an assistant, because it is much easier to carry a heavy road in a dream.


The drug is produced in America, it is aimed atElimination of nausea, dizziness and vomiting, he has a use restriction from 12 years. The drug is used not only as a one-time remedy, but also as a treatment for such symptoms. Its operating time is much longer, it lasts up to 24 hours. Apply it one hour before the proposed flight, among the side effects noted lethargy, drowsiness, sometimes dryness and very rarely vomiting. There are no obvious contraindications to pregnant women, but it should not be used if there are no strong signs of motion sickness. In the manual there is a warning for use by people suffering from prostatic gland disease and glaucoma.


Produced in Poland, is antiemeticMeans, this is a good preventive drug that eliminates vomiting and nausea. It operates for 6 hours and takes 20 minutes before the flight or trip. As in the case of the first drug, it is excreted in the urine and milk, so that the use of lactating women is prohibited. There are also a number of contraindications - priepilepsy or bronchial asthma. In pregnancy, it can not be used in the first trimester, but later it should not be used, if there is no emergency. Children can apply it from 2 years. Among the side effects there are not very desirable, the same vomiting and nausea, plus the entire body can respond to urticaria and diarrhea. But again, these side effects are rather an exception, either with an overdose, or because of an organism's immunity. In any case, before taking the drug, read the instructions, contraindications and dosage.


This is a homeopathic remedyDomestic production, it is good both for treatment and for prevention of motion sickness. Among the contraindications, individual intolerance of the constituents of the drug is indicated, in this case an allergic reaction may appear. This drug can be used without problems with other medicines. Acts onspecifically, it must be used an hour before the trip or flight, after that you need to use it every half hour, but not more often than five times a day. It is possible to give the drug to children from 6 years, nursing and pregnant women should individually consult a doctor. Given the presence of lactose, it can not be taken by patients with lactose deficiency. Like many homeopathic remedies, it has positive and negative reviews, all individually.


Produced in Germany, is homeopathicDrug, eliminates the symptoms of seasickness and dizziness. Among the contraindications there are problems with the thyroid gland. For use by nursing and pregnant women, consultation with a doctor is necessary, and the use with other medicinal products requires separate consultation. Vertigohele is made in kapliakhili tablets.

Ginger in capsules

Ginger itself is good alreadyAntiemetics, this natural preparation has no contraindications, with the exception of intolerance to ginger, which can result in an allergy. This is why it can be taken by anyone and at any age, before use, read the instructions.


The drug also aims to eliminate symptomsThe method of application is standard, shortly before the forthcoming trip it is necessary to take the first pill, then after two hours again to repeat the reception. In the event that you forgot to take the medicine in two hours and the symptoms of pumping have already begun, then it is necessary to take a double dose, which will act faster. The drug is prohibited for lactating and pregnant women.

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