/ Why is fatty food for women useful?

Why is fat food for women useful?

The Benefits of Fat
Realizing the benefits of products for your body,Many women in their diet make skimmed their counterparts. But over time they notice that extra pounds do not go away, but even contribute to weight gain. What is the reason?

The most high-calorie foodsCertainly contain fats. Their energy value is very high, more than 2 times the calorie content of carbohydrates and proteins. The inference is that the less we consume fatty foods, the fewer calories we get. This means that there will be a minimum amount of fat in the body.

However, most dietitians are inclinedSay that the main enemies of people trying to lose weight are fat-free products. This is confirmed. For a long time, people were watched who excluded fats (animals only) from the daily menu, considering these food products not only harmful to health, but also dangerous. A few years later saw the result of this diet. He was not very comforting. Of course, not only defatted products played a role, but also the maintenance of an incorrect way of life and nutrition. Therefore, do not seek to take away from yourself that which in time can only benefit.

Seven reasons for having a fat on the table
Many people who are trying to lose weight, fry eggsOnly from some proteins, considering yolks very high in calories. But they must be used. Yolks, butter and lard contain a substance very necessary for the body. This is arachidonic acid. It helps to strengthen immunity, prevents various diseases. You can limit yourself to these foods, but only for a few months (summer period), and in the cold period they must necessarily be present on the table.

Animal fat helps to ensure normalThe work of the nervous system and the brain. People who abandoned fatty foods are drowsy, they become irritable. Deteriorated concentration of attention. To raise the mood can even a small dose of fatty foods.

Phospholipids contained in fats do not giveForm a fatty layer in the liver. Long absence of fats in the diet of your food leads to a violation of the correct metabolism, and as a result, weight gain will be gained.

Eating only fat-free foods can increase the level of cholesterol in the body. And this will definitely affect your health in the best way.

Fatty food allows you to preserve the youth of the body. Fats help the skin to be supple and radiant, improve eyesight. Because of the categorical refusal of fatty foods, a rash may appear on the body.

Fat food can quickly suppress the feeling of hunger. Therefore, going to an important event, eat a sandwich with butter, and not a vegetable salad. So you minimize the likelihood of a hungry fainting.

The male hormone testosterone needs fats. It would seem that he does not need girls at all. This is not quite true. Its small content will worsen your state of health, there will be weakness and craving for sleep. You will be annoyed by everything that is happening around.

Do not overdo with fat
Fatty foods bring a lot of benefitMan, but they must still be used moderately. A large amount of fatty can only harm the body. For this, the amount of fat intake must be calculated. You can do this by your dietitian, but you can do it yourself, given several factors. The first is the goal set before you. If your goal is to lose weight, then fat should be less, but more training. To preserve the existing form, you must use the amount of fat necessary for the body to work. And a healthy lifestyle should be given first place here. Of course, their role will be played by gender, age and health.

Try not to forget that in the cold seasonThe number of fatty foods should be increased. This will protect you from colds and flu, the skin will not dry out from the cold. Peeling skin in autumn and winter is a very common problem. Even in the cream for winter, add more fat than the rest.

But skin nutrition should not only be outside. Fat must enter the body. And you should take care of this yourself, take care of your health, so in your daily menu, you must always find a place for animal fats.
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