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Bright dreams or nightmares - early warning of diseases

In-depth analysis of dreams puzzles scientistsAnd provokes fierce disputes. It is known that in the early morning most of us see something in a dream, but dreams are instantly forgotten. The reason is that the dream is remembered only when it was interrupted by our awakening, and if we sleep, as the saying goes, "to the limit", not waking up until the end of sleep, then all the pictures will be forgotten forever. Women remember their nighttime dreams more often than men, perhaps because they tend to fall asleep easily. Dreams do not visit us all night. The brain begins to create some images only when we go to a certain phase of sleep, called a REM phase or a dream with rapid eye movements (from English rapid eyes movements). If the sleeper wakes up during this stage, then he is able to remember what he dreamed. We easily wake up, on average, four times a night. Medical experts say that if we have dreams more often than usual, while these are nightmares or strange, unusual, bright dreams, they may indicate our health.

Possible causes may be cardiacDiseases, migraine, beta-blockers. Experts believe that the beta-blockers used (medications for the dilatation of blood vessels in the therapy of heart diseases) can indirectly change the balance of certain chemicals in the brain, resulting in very unpleasant dreams in the form of nightmares. Surveys of nearly six thousand patients in the Netherlands have shown that those suffering from arrhythmia have nighttime "visits" three times more often than people with a healthy heart. An impending migraine can also make itself known to bad dreams, associated with a note of anger and aggression. It is clear that such dreams are caused by changes in the brain, as a result of which a person in advance receives a warning about the upcoming painful headaches.

Interestingly, our "shortfall" caused by the wholeA number of household reasons, accumulate in the brain information necessary for the transfer, so the first night of high-grade rest, the brain throws us information about the state of our health, which need an elementary decoding. There will be many more dreams, the brain will try to catch up.

They attack you or are chasing you. God forbid, of course, but in the opinion of somnologists, this is a warning about the oncoming Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. The panics, in anticipation of the impending damage, parts of the brain send signals to the part that controls our dreams, resulting in images that are associated with attacks and attacks. For a dozen years before the true manifestation of these diseases, dreams with endless chases or harassment should serve as disturbing manifestations of the advancing regress of brain activity.

Fantastic stories, bright pictures should notTo please the one who saw them in a dream. They can be caused by alcohol taken from the evening, antimalarial pills or menopause. The fact is that the effect of alcohol is eliminated in the morning, and the chemical composition of the taken beverages can affect the work of the brain. Surrealistic halftones of designated images, as the somnologists say, is the fruit of the struggle of our immune system with an infection or a nascent disease inherent in the approaching age.

Very often among preventive dreamsSkip stories, when you are strangled or buried in the ground, you are uncomfortable to lie and want to free yourself to breathe out. So, it's time to see a doctor. Either it makes itself felt head-raising illnesses of the respiratory organs, or nested flu.

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