/ How to Prepare for Ultrasound in Pregnancy

How to prepare for ultrasound in pregnancy

Such ultrasound is called screening and there are only three types:

  1. The first kind is called genetic, and tasksSuch a survey is the detection of various anomalies and malformations of the fetus. If the child is diagnosed with too serious a deviation, doctors may suggest that you stop the pregnancy. At this stage, it is possible to determine the most accurate period of pregnancy. Such a survey is carried out by women who are on week 10-11.
  2. To the second type of procedure, each woman isWith special trepidation, as it allows you to determine the sex of the child. At this stage, all the anomalies and defects are eliminated, even the most insignificant, since the formation of the child is almost complete, and he only needed to grow. Conduct this type of examination for women who are at 16-21 weeks of pregnancy.
  3. The third type allows you to determine the placenta state of the future mother, the approximate mass of the future child, his presentation, and also often allows you to determine the tactics of future births.

All three types of such surveys arePlanned and conducted completely free of charge. Referral to them you give in the women's consultation, even in the absence of an insurance policy. After all, Russia provides full assistance to pregnant women, even if they do not have all the necessary documents.

At different stages of pregnancy proceduresSurveys are conducted according to different methods. Since in the early term the uterus is practically not enlarged, ultrasound of the small pelvis is performed. It is called vaginal, transvaginal or simply internal. It is the best in the first trimester, as it carries the most detailed and reliable information about the fetus. Preparations for intravaginal ultrasound is not required. You just need not drink water - to keep the intestines free, and there was no flatulence. For this, it is necessary that before the start of the procedure you necessarily have a chair, it can be either independent, or after an enema or taking espumizana.

For an early surveyPregnancy you will need a diaper and the finest condom that will be wearing an ultrasound transducer and introduced to you vaginally, but absolutely painless. Before passing such surveys do not need to drink plenty of water. Previously, this procedure was necessary, since the fetus and uterus could be seen through a full bladder. But the advent of transvaginal ultrasound has saved pregnant women from the need to drink a large amount of fluid, and also increased the accuracy of research. As for the transabdominal ultrasound for late pregnancy, then no preparation is needed for it.

When you undergo any type of procedure, you shouldBe with you the following documents: exchange card, insurance policy and passport. It is also recommended to have a diaper with you, as after passage of the vaginal examination there may be discharge that is caused by allergic reactions to latex, but they are absolutely safe and do not cause miscarriages and other problems.
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