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Lose weight without harm to the hair: a diet for the hair

Most often, hair is affected by diets. After all, any diet is a stress for the organism. The body is exhausted and, first of all, it affects the hair. However, there is a way out. In this article, we will tell you how to lose weight without harming your hair.

Each girl needs to know some featuresDifferent diets. For example, if you stick to strict veganism, then be prepared for a lack of silicon and iron. This means that you will face problems such as cut ends of hair and brittle hair. If you exclude from your dietary, seafood and nuts, then in the body will not be enough copper. In this case, you also need to worry about the condition of the hair, because they will lose their elasticity, as a result of which your curls will become unruly. If, in the main, your diet consists of dairy products, supplemented with seafood, eggs and nuts, then be on the heels of a lack of zinc. Without the necessary amount of zinc, your hair will become much slower.

Especially negatively on hair and skin affect"Fast" diets. The lack of those or other vitamins and elements primarily affects the condition of the hair, nails and skin. Therefore, before you go to such extreme measures, think carefully, but is it worth it? It's very difficult to restore hair.

What should the diet be for hair loss

If you want to lose weight without the slightest harm forHair, then you need to adhere to some rules. One of these rules is not to exclude protein from your diet. After all, the protein supplies our body with amino acids, which make you feel like building new cells. If the proteins do not enter the body for a long time, then the hair growth will slow down very much and they will begin to fall. Therefore, when compiling your menu, be sure to include in it poultry, fish, non-fatty cereals, cereals and dairy products - at least 15% of calories should be fed into our body with protein food.

So forget about carbohydrates, because theyAre a source of energy. Thanks to the body tissues grow faster, they contribute to the recovery of falling out hair. Therefore, in your diet must include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, brown rice and potatoes. Do not forget that sugar and flour are harmful carbohydrates, which should be completely excluded from your diet, especially if you want to lose weight.

A diet of beautiful hair can not do without fat. And it is very important to use both vegetable and animal fats, therefore, it is necessary to balance the intake of fats in the body.

A few important councils

The amount of food we eat depends onMany factors. Therefore, making up your diet, you need to take into account your age, level of physical training, current health status, and the degree of activity. Given all these factors, we need to adopt a few simple and effective councils:

  • In food, you must eat a variety of foods, even if they contain an equal number of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Thus, your body will receive all the necessary substances.
  • For health of hair in your menu should be only natural products or products minimally processed. This will help not only to keep the hair, but also not to harm your health.
  • Forget about half-finished products. After all, they contain a minimum number of useful substances. In addition, they will harm your figure.

Maximum efficiency

If the girl seriously takes the processLosing weight and in advance will think over the ration, she will not have to worry about the condition of her hair, and also for her health. The most important thing is balanced nutrition and hair care.

From their diet, it is necessary to exclude those dishes,Which will do more harm than good and leave those that are very important for the body. We will tell you about what you need to eat to get all the necessary vitamins and elements, in order to lose those extra pounds.

  • Be sure to include seafood in your diet. They are low-calorie and very useful. You can focus on seafood and on low-fat fish. To keep the hair healthy, the off-line menu should be at least 500-700 grams of seafood.
  • Some nutritionists advise to exclude meat fromDiet. However, we do not recommend this. The only thing worth doing is to use something light, for example white meat and actively combine it with other products. In a week it is necessary to eat 500 to 1000 grams of meat. Then your hair and skin will look superb.
  • Your diet should be supplemented with blood sausage and beef liver. It is enough to eat 50 grams of these products a day to forget about problems with the hair.
  • Do not forget about green vegetables. Enrich your diet with lettuce, spinach, green pepper, broccoli. In day it is necessary to eat up to 200 gram of such products.
  • Be sure to eat fruits and dried fruits. You can eat any fruits: mangoes, bananas, kiwis, oranges, avocados, apples and the like. It is very important that you eat 100 grams of fresh fruit per day or 20 grams of dried fruit per day.
  • Porridges are very useful for hair. It is best for the hair to eat oatmeal porridge and wheat. To maintain strength, chic shine and healthy growth, it is recommended to eat half the glass of one of the cereals once every two days.
  • Very important cottage cheese, because it contains a lot of protein. For a day you need to eat at least 100 grams.
  • Nuts contain minerals andEssential amino acids. Therefore, you must eat one tablespoon of any nuts: cashew, walnuts, peanuts, cedar, almonds, hazelnuts and the like.
  • Do not forget the vegetable fats, which can be found in vegetable or olive oil. At least one table spoon of tea should be consumed per day.

As you can see, the food is very diverse, so you will not be able to work out of not adequately feeding the correct diet. In addition, you do not have to severely restrict yourself.

What is worth from your diet?

In addition, that in your diet you need to enterUseful products, it is necessary to exclude from it harmful. During the diet, you need to forget about sharp, salty, smoked, fatty and fried dishes. Also, you should not eat foods that are not well-digested, for example, various canned foods.

Do not forget about the dangers of pies, hamburgers,Hot dogs, shawarma and other fast foods. They only negatively affect your figure, but also on the condition of the hair. Review your menu and completely eliminate from it fatty dishes. To prepare your body for a diet, arrange yourself once a week unloading days for one month.

In addition, I want to add a couple more tips aboutHow to keep your hair in good shape during a diet. For the duration of the diet, multivitamins and BADs do not interfere. They will provide the body with all the missing substances in full. Buy products containing silk proteins, keratin, chitosanone and imimethicone. You can make masks from shea butter, jojoba, avocado and others.

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