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How to help the eyes: restore vision in a reasonable and timely manner

Reception of special vitamin-mineralComplexes, although it is not a panacea, but the degree to which it helps restore normal activity and maintain eye health. Such therapy is necessary for diabetics, people with age-related degeneration of the retina and diseases of the optic nerve, it is indicated in cataract and retinopathy. Not everyone knows that the owners of light eyes need the vitamin support. It requires special attention to the health of the eyes of older people, as well as those who abuse smoking. Prophylaxis is necessary for prolonged work at the computer, useful during the rehabilitation after ophthalmic surgeries, and will also be useful for someone who wants to keep their visual acuity as long as possible.

Usually the complex vitamin-mineral preparation for the eyes includes:

  • Lutein and zeaxanthin. These are substances that have antioxidantProperties and contained in the retina itself. In addition, they prevent age-related changes, and their ability to protect the eye of a harmless part of the light spectrum makes these carotenoids indispensable for a full-fledged work of the entire vision system;
  • Beta-carotene. The precursor of vitamin A, which is an important constituent in the structure of rhodopsin. Namely, this pigment is responsible for the ability of the eyes to adapt to different illumination;
  • Vitamins C and E. They protect the cells of the destructive action of a large number of free radicals, increase immunity;
  • Copper and zinc. Microelements that interfere with the formation of free radicals and act as components of metalloenzymes.

In addition, the multivitamin complex for the eyes can be enriched:

  • Blueberry extract, Which is rich in flavonoids, microelements, vitamins and fiber;
  • Routine, Strengthening the walls of blood vessels;
  • Vitamin B2, Which prevents the emergence konjuktivitov, keratitis and photophobia and whose coenzymes are involved in most of the oxidative-reduction reactions of the body;
  • Vitamin B6, Vitamin-antidepressant, the lack of which is manifested in the twitching of the eyes;
  • Vitamin B12, Improving the state of vision;
  • Other components.

Do not forget that gipervitaminosis in mostOf cases is even more dangerous for the body than the hypoglycemia. Therefore do not exceed the dosage and do not take simultaneously a different multivitamin preparations. Pay attention to the presence of contraindications. Use vitamins strictly in accordance with the appointment of an ophthalmologist and the instructions that are attached to the medication. Take them with a large amount of water and follow the course and the regimen.

The treatment of visual impairmentCorrect and comprehensive approach to it. Nestoite is limited only to vitamin tablets. If you want to maximize your eyesight, try to get rid of bad habits as soon as possible, drink more in the fresh air, balance your diet. Very useful for eye use of onions and garlic, carrots in combination with butter or sour cream, berry currant and cowberry, beet juice, parsley and spinach. In folk medicine, lotions for the eyes with infusions of cornflower, rutidusha, linen, root of ara, elder, as well as the use of infusions of ovary, sage and couch grass inside are successfully used. A good result is a regular special exercises for the eyes that help restore blood circulation and relieve the strain of the oculomotor muscles. For example, aerobics for the eyes by the method of Marilyn Roy.

And most importantly - before the beginning of treatment in no wayDo not neglect the treatment of a doctor. Deterioration of eyesight, eye fatigue, lacrimation and other symptoms may indicate signs of serious illness requiring immediate professional and complex therapy.

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