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Positive effect of cold on the body

Frost activates the body's defenses,Promotes the strengthening of immunity, supports the vegetative nervous system, which is responsible for resisting neuroses and stresses. And recently, Canadian scientists have discovered that the low-temperature dosed effect increases the production of hormones of happiness - serotonin and endorphin.

In recent years, the methods of short-termThe effects of cold are widely used in cosmetology - as an example - cryotherapy and cryomassage. At home, beauticians recommend morning cleansing with cold water, rubbing the face and neck with ice cubes. With short-term exposure to cold, the skin becomes more fresh, smooth and supple, and pale - acquires a pink tint. It also improves blood flow and stimulates the biological activity of cells. And recently, specialists in the field of beauty have developed a new effective method of getting rid of excess fat - cryolipolysis. The patient is immersed in a special apparatus such as a hyperbaric chamber, where in certain "fat" zones he is reduced to a negative temperature. Such a frost eliminates fat cells, without affecting either the skin, muscles, blood vessels, or tissues of internal organs, and dead fat cells are eliminated from the body naturally.

To sleep, the future
We spend a lot of time indoors, whereAn artificial microclimate is created. Such conditions surround us both in the office where we work, and in the home environment, and even when we choose to rest at the resort, all the same hotels, hotels, restaurants and shopping centers have artificially created conditions. This exclusion from the natural natural climate suppresses our immune system, which leads to increased rates of colds and allergic diseases. Therefore, the time that we spend in closed rooms, negatively affects our health. In the air with such a macroclimate there is a lot of dust and harmful bacteria, while oxygen in it is not enough.

For moms, the axiom is that with a childYou must necessarily walk every day for several hours, and it is desirable to do this not in the gassed courtyards, but in park or forest areas where there is a lot of clean air. But we forget that to breathe fresh air, then to sleep better, it is necessary not only to kids, but also to adults!

Many of us suffer from insomnia in the hotseason. A Canadian scientist, professor of sleep medicine at the international center in Ottawa, Chris Idikowski, took the cause of this. He believes that the cause of the summer sleep disorder lies just in the elevated temperature. When we go to sleep, the temperature of our body goes down, and if the room is too hot, then you can not fall asleep at all. But if the room is ventilated, and the bed linen is cool, then it falls much more quickly in this room.

The best option is to sleep on the openAir. "This, of course, is fine, if it happens in the summer, but what to do in the winter?" - you ask. It is worth to listen to the advice of curators who say that if you sleep in the fresh air, then you will significantly increase the immune defense, it will be better to proceed with recovery processes, strengthen the nervous system, calm the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Similar procedures are excellent prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome. Recovery after such a dream is much faster. Where to begin? Try to sleep first after dinner. After the body gets used to resting during the day, go to sleep on the balcony. Just do not lie down directly on the cement floor, be sure to spread the wood satiated or lie on the couch. If the outdoors is pretty cool, you can sleep in a warm sleeping bag. However, it is necessary to take into account that sleeping in the open air at a temperature below -15 ° C is permissible only for strong, trained and absolutely healthy young people - those who daily harden their bodies with cold douches, and also get used to sleep with open windows in any weather . If you are a person who is not hard, start with air and water procedures and sleep in the air at a positive temperature. Until the real severe frosts came, it's not too late to start ...

Doctor "winter"
Mention of excellent medical propertiesCold temperatures is found in the writings of Hippocrates, Avicenna and is mentioned in other sources. Many well-known doctors of past years successfully cured patients or alleviated pain by applying pieces of ice or other cold objects to the inflamed area. At the end of the 19th century, the Austrian physician Johann Craip, who contracted tuberculosis, which was then considered to be practically untreatable by a fatal illness, bathed in an icy river and recovered from a terrible disease, thereby proving the effectiveness of cold temperatures on the body to activate its protective and regenerative properties.

At the beginning of the last century in several European countriesConducted a study of how the human body is affected by deep freezing in an artificial environment - hypothermia. The essence of the procedure was to reduce the body temperature of the subject with simultaneous blocking of the responses of the human body to a lowered temperature. In the second half of the last century, the development of low-temperature technologies created the possibility of using the destructive effect of negative temperatures on tumors and erosion. So, there was cryosurgery. One of her methods - dosed frostbite - allows you to achieve rejection of affected tissues without the release of blood.

Cold treatment can be done in the homeConditions. The easiest way is to take air baths without clothes. They are compared with the gymnastics of the vessels - cool air, affecting the skin, causes the vessels to narrow. To eliminate fatigue, it is recommended to water, feet or knees 1.5 hours before bedtime. It should be started with water heated to body temperature, gradually reducing it to + 20 ° C. The colder the liquid, the less time there should be a procedure. After its completion, thoroughly rub your feet with a towel.

Cold helps the sick joints with bruises,Exacerbation of arthritis and arthrosis. On a sick joint, put a terry towel, and on top - a pack of ice and hold it for 10-15 minutes. It will reduce swelling, relieve pain, improve blood circulation.

With a smile on my lips
Scientists have proved that moderate cold increasesMental stability and mental activity. Knowingly the folk wisdom advises to keep a head in a cold. By the way, how do you think, where are the states with the highest standard of living? In the North, these are Scandinavian countries. They are among the ten most fortunate, according to the UN rating.

In psychotherapy there is the term "cryophobia",Which denote the fear of cold. And this is one of the manifestations of the winter depression. Surely you noticed for yourself that if you have a bad mood, then you'll freeze faster. Now that you know that the cold is for the benefit of life, health and beauty, with a smile, meet the coming cooling.
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