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How to bring down the temperature without drugs

First of all, you need to understand what is the temperature and why it occasionally rises.

It occurs under the influence of special substances(Pyrogens), in the development of which our immune cells participate. The opinion of most doctors is that the increase in temperature is a defensive reaction of our body to some disease. But about the fact that you need to knock down the temperature, opinions are divided. Some believe that to strengthen immunity it is necessary to give the body the opportunity to cope with the causative agent of the disease. Others believe that it is necessary to bring down the temperature as soon as possible.
    You should consider both options, because you can "fever" for absolutely different reasons.
    • The temperature can rise because of the nervousOverstrain, stress, banal overheating, before the beginning of the menstrual cycle in women. If no other symptoms of cold do not, this temperature is not recommended to be knocked down.
    • It happens that a low temperature (37-37.5 ° C)Is held for several days in a row. This may be the result of a traumatic brain injury or hormonal failure, so before taking action, you should find out the cause of this condition. In such cases, the temperature is only a consequence of the problem, so it does not make sense to reduce it.
    If you are sure that you have caught a cold, and the temperatureReached 38.5 ° C, it is not necessary to immediately grab the first-aid kit. Effectively bring down the temperature can be and folk remedies. Although to begin with, of course, it is better to consult a doctor.

    How to bring down the temperature without medication?
    This can be done both externally (compresses, rubs and wraps), and with the help of various decoctions and infusions.

    Outdoor folk remedies for temperature
    • Wiping. The most popular option is a mixture of vodka andCool water. Many doctors do not advise this method, but one can not fail to recognize its effectiveness. The basic rule: the solution does not need to be strongly rubbed into the skin, it is enough to wipe the body lightly, paying special attention to the temples, axillary and popliteal cavities, and also to the feet.
    Vodka can be replaced with a weak solution of vinegar. This is a more gentle means, which is suitable even for children (with care). In this case, you can not wipe the child completely, and put on it socks, soaked in a mixture of 9% vinegar and water (1 teaspoon per 0.5 liters of water).
    • Compresses. They are made on the basis of the same solution. Take a soft cloth, wetted and superimposed on the forehead.
    Infusions and decoctions from the temperature
    Many people know that in order to bring down the temperature, you need to thoroughly sweat. In this case, in folk medicine, a lot of broths for drinking are stored:
    • The most popular recipe is tea with raspberries. You can use the infusion of dried raspberries, but the most delicious way - homemade raspberry jam.
    • Cranberry or cranberry mors.
    • Decoction of lime color.
    • Tea with honey and lemon.
    • Infusion of hips.
    General rules:
    • Tea should be brewed immediately before use or pour the daily rate in the thermos, so you always have warm drink at hand;
    • Drinking should not be too cold, but not too hot;
    • The more the patient drinks, the better;
    • After the patient sweats, you must necessarily change his clothes to dry, to avoid hypothermia.
    It should be remembered that folk remediesAre good only in cases where the temperature is not critical and is high for a couple of days. In other cases it is better to follow the advice of a doctor and take antipyretic drugs. Self-medication can only harm and aggravate the problem!

    And do not forget that except for knocking downTemperature there are several more points that ensure recovery. The patient must comply with bed rest, and the air in the room where he is, should be moist and cool.

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