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Postpartum period: nuances of behavior, hygiene, nutrition

In addition, that the girl needs to learnCope with their emotions, she will also learn how to eat properly after childbirth, observe intimate hygiene and the like. More details about all this we will tell you in this article.

How to deal with mood swings

The nervous system is very tense in the postpartumperiod. To remove this tension, you need a full rest. But, unfortunately, rest is not always possible: you need to feed the child, take a walk with it, prepare to eat your husband and make another family duties. How to be in this situation? Best of all, if your relatives (mothers, grandmothers, friends) help you to cope with domestic duties in the first time. And you, in the meantime, do not carp on them for trivialities enjoy a joint rest with the baby.

Not only childbirth, but also the postpartum period isStress for the girl. And the best medicine for stress is just rest. This has already been discussed above. Create a circle of yourself as comfortable as possible for yourself. Wear comfortable clothes, do not forget to turn off the phone when you want to relax, watch your favorite movies, arrange gatherings with friends and others like that. Pamper yourself as often as possible: a new hairdo, manicure or pedicure. Renew the wardrobe or take a relaxing bath. The decretal period needs to be dedicated not only to caring for the baby, but to himself. During this time, you must fully recover from labor, pain and childbirth.

Nervous tension helps get rid of gymnastics, dancing, yoga and any physical exercises.

Hygiene of the Postpartum

Postpartum, the woman's body is restored. But at this stage, different morphologies occur. For example, the uterus returns to its previous size. In this case, it decreases. Reductions increase during breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that during the feeding, certain hormones are produced that help the uterus return to its former size (from kilogram to 50 grams).

As you know, contractions of the uterus lead toSecretions. During vydeleny better to abandon the use of tampons and give preference to conventional pads. Allocations completely disappear in about two months. Already a month, they will be much less, so you can switch to the usual daily gaskets.

Postpartum women at first very much sweat. This is a normal phenomenon that will very soon disappear. Therefore, observe the usual hygiene: take the bath or the bath as needed.

Many girls are worried that the stomach afterBirth does not take some time. This phenomenon is also natural. He will leave gradually. To accelerate this process, breastfeed the baby and exercise. But do not forget that exercises on the press should be easy. If you gave birth through cesarean section, it is better to give up exercise and any physical load on the abdominal muscles.

In the post-natal period, girls are very oftenAre dissatisfied with the figure and superfluous kilograms, therefore hasten to sit down on a diet. But do not forget that if you feed your baby with a breast, the diet can hurt not only you, but him. Therefore, the best way to adhere to a balanced diet.

Nutrition of the Postpartum

During lactation it is necessary to increase the amountConsumed liquid by about a liter. That is, the day a girl should drink about three-liter of water. However, do not overdo it with a liquid, as its overabundance can lead to a decrease in the amount of milk.

Follow your diet. As much as you do not want to reduce the amount of calories consumed per day, you can not do this. On the day, the nursing girl should consume about two and a half thousand calories. But be careful: these calories should not come from sweet. Sometimes you can pamper yourself with something delicious, but only occasionally. Because sweets will not bring your little guy any good. And you will not benefit from sweet foods, they will only negatively affect your figure. Remember that many girls in the post-season period get better not because they eat more, but because they eat a lot of sweet and flour.

The nutrition schedule should also be correct. The lactating woman should eat five to six times a day. Portions should not be large. It is best to distribute calories evenly for all meals: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and additional snacks. In the evening, you can eat low-calorie foods: dried fruits, low-fat dairy products, fruits or vegetables, juices. Milk produced in the body of a nursing woman around the clock, so it is important to feed it with the right calories throughout the day.

Remember that everything you eat is through milkgets to the kid. So watch your food carefully. The same applies to what we breathe. That's why it's very important for a nursing woman to stay away from tobacco as far as possible. Through the milk, it will enter the baby's body. It is equally important to exclude from your diet products that cause an allergic reaction, as well as those foods that enhance fermentation processes in the intestine. These are tangerines, smoked meat, grapes, chocolate, onions and garlic, crabs, shrimps, confectionery, various sweets. It is also recommended to exclude young animals and birds from their diet, since it is very allergenic. Strong allergenamiya are strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes and eggs.

Will benefit from vitamins and special vitamincomplexes. You can consult your doctor, which is best for your body. To benefit will tea with raspberry leaves. Such tea is well cleansedorganism.

Sex after childbirth

If the birds were without complications, thensex doctors recommend not earlier than in a month and a half. If the childbirth was with complications, then it would be necessary to wait a little longer. Sexual libido very often increases during this period. The woman becomes very passionate and she wants sex more often than before. This is good, but do not forget about the methods of protection. Very often girls think that it is difficult to get pregnant during the period of lactation. This opinion is very erroneous. Doctors very often encounter in their practice with the fact that the difference between children is less than a year. And all the fault - non-preservation. Therefore, it is better to be safe.

Very often after giving birth, women facesuch problem as dryness of the vagina. In such cases, use lubricants. You can use special ointments. This will help to avoid unpleasant and painful sensations. Remember that sex after childbirth should be slow and gentle. Sex will only benefit, because it relaxes, calms the nervous system and brings the hormonal background back to normal. This is very important for a woman.

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