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Contraceptive patch: everything you wanted to know about this contraceptive.

The patch can be used regularly. This method is quite young, but has already managed to prove itself well among women. Contraceptive plaster is a small piece of a solid stick plaster, the area of ​​which is approximately 15-20 m2. Stick it regularly, once a week. The places for this can be different: shoulder, abdomen, scapula, buttocks. It needs to be changed constantly, but during menstruation it will not be needed.

This is a good alternative to women whoConstantly are taking birth control pills. Here the plaster takes care of everything. The main purpose of the plaster is to protect the woman from becoming pregnant. The degree of reliability of this method is 99%. The contraceptive patch was coined in 2002.

How does the patch work?

So why thanks to a piece of adhesive plaster can notWhat is the secret of this product? All is pretty simple, the composition of the plaster is the hormones ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromine. These are artificial analogues of hormones. They block the process of ovulation in a woman and do not let the egg go out. Thus, the plaster prevents fertilization.

Do not forget that the plaster preventsOnly pregnancy. But there are no infections that can be obtained through sexual contact. Therefore, one should be careful in choosing a partner if you have sex without condoms.

For the first time, the patch needs to be attached to the firstDaymenstruation. And only then the woman will not need additional contraceptive drugs. You must remember the exact date and day of the week when you pasted the plaster. Next week it will be necessary to change it on the same day. In order that there was no peeling off the adhesive, it is always to glue it on clean and dry skin. Do not use creams or other products for a week.

Use of the contraceptive patch: "for" and "against"

The plaster is very convenient to use. Today, this is one of the most common methods of contraception. Tablets are already a thing of the past. This is convenient and practical. I put a plaster on and do not have to think about it anymore.

The method is very effective, many gynecologistsRecommend a particular way to protect against unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, it is almost impossible to forget to paste the adhesive tape. After all, you often see it, so you immediately remember that it needs to be changed. But about the pills this can not be said. Especially many contraceptive pills need a drink daily. It's tedious.

With a plaster, you can lead an ordinary life withoutRestrictions. Go for a swimming pool, saunas or bask in the sun. Contraceptive leucoplastic does not interfere. It's just the perfect remedy for pregnancy. The more expensive the drug reduces pain during menstruation.

But there are some side effects. Not for everyone "period plaster" passes without consequences. Some people experience nausea and even vomiting. In this case, it is necessary to change the contraceptive.

Because of the patch, drowsiness may occur, andsometimes irritation of the skin where the adhesive is stuck. Headaches accompany the use of leukoplast. Very rarely women are gaining weight. This is because of the hormonal instability of the disorder. In this case, you need to consult a gynecologist.

The contraceptive patch hascontraindications. It can not be used with lactation, it can cause negative consequences in the body. Women who smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day are not recommended to use this method. If your weight is more than 90 kilograms, then the effectiveness of the plaster falls. Because the fat prevents the absorption of hormones. It can not be used for tumors and thrombosis.

Even with all its shortcomings, it's beautifulmeans. It is considered the best hormonal drug that gives results. The first thing to notice is that it reduces pain during menstruation and reduces premenstrual sinus, and also cleans the face of rashes during menstruation. Today, many people suffer from this.

To purchase a plaster for yourself, you needto go off the vaptek. Almost everywhere you can find it. On this method of contraception, an average of about 18-20 euros is spent. It is still more profitable than spending money on condoms every day. But only if the woman does sex every day. And if it happens once a week, then maybe a plaster is not needed.

What if I forgot to change the band-aid?

It happens that you forget even to wash yourself, what can you say here with a plaster band that is glued on the buttock. So what to do for a woman who forgot to replace her band-aid?

For example, in the first week and delaying a shiftplaster for more than a day. Then you change your contraceptive adhesive and start the report with a new day of application. In order to avoid pregnancy, it is recommended that other contraceptives be used within a week. If the patch was not replaced in the second or third week, then simply paste a new one. We change it in the usual for a day. This is only if the delay in the shift was only a couple of days.

If the contraceptive patch has come unstuck

What needs to be done if the patch is simplegot unstuck? This is very rare. Usually it is very good on the skin. But if this has already happened, then we will have to solve this problem. If you observe that the hormonal patch starts to get unstuck, then it is good to squeeze it and hold it for about 20 seconds. In the event that it is still bad on the skin, you need to replace the patch.

Before you start using thismethod of contraception, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. To choose the best adhesive for yourself, you can learn more on sites and forums. Very popular now is the band-aid "Evra". He practically filled all the drugstores. Reviews about it are quite good, so far there have been no dissatisfied customers. The principle of all patches is to regulate the hormonal balance of a woman. And he does not just protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also improves the condition of a woman's health and appearance.

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