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Duties of the young father before discharge from the hospital

Remove the apartment (house)
Of course, it is desirable that it should be generalCleaning, including the establishment of order throughout the home. If this task seems unreal, then you need to put things in order in the room where the newborn will sleep, as well as in the bedroom of the young parents themselves, if you plan to sleep in different rooms with the baby. It is also worth cleaning in the places of the house that are used by all family members: in the hall and corridor, in the kitchen, in the bathroom and toilet, on the balcony, etc. It is necessary to wipe the dust from all open places and on shelves, even if They are very high - falling dust can cause a serious allergy in a child who is not yet strong, while you can not see it and do not notice it. The future dad will need to vacuum all carpets and carpeting, brush with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth all the soft furniture, wash the floors with a specialized detergent (just do not choose a product with a very strong and sharp odor).

Prepare food
Try to cook something sophisticated and sophisticatedNot necessarily, especially if earlier the spouse did not have the practice of preparing intricate dishes - in this case, the family risks to stay and do without dinner. For a nursing mother, simple simple food is suitable: boiled lean meat (beef, veal) or fish with garnish-boiled potatoes, buckwheat, rice or macaroni, preferably the first dish with a lightly boiled broth (soup, borsch, soups with legumes and spices ), And also it is good to have in the refrigerator a stock of ready sour-milk products (cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, natural yoghurts without additives). If you decide to arrange a festive meeting between mother and baby from the hospital and the newly mummy does not object to it, then you will have to organize a solemn feast. For these purposes it is better to call in the help of relatives or friends.

Arrange a sleeping place for a newborn
Most often it's a cot or cradle. It is clear that first you need to collect the crib and put it in a prepared place. Do not put a crib near the window, as the baby can blow with an open window, nor do you need to put a crib near the batteries, if the discharge is necessary for the period of central heating - the babies are not yet perfect thermoregulation system and it can very easily overheat. Ideal place for a crib - close to the parent's bed or near the wall, where do not walk drafts. After the cot is installed, all of its washable parts must be thoroughly rinsed with a sponge. It is best to do this with a soap solution. Prepare it is not difficult: in 2-3 liter pot or a small bucket warm water is poured (heated to about 35-40 degrees), for 2-3 minutes it is necessary to soap the child's soap in this water before the formation of foam. A baby crib is best treated with a soap solution, not water with a powder or other detergent dissolved in it. In addition to the fact that the soap solution is much easier to wash off, when it is used, there is much less chance of earning an allergy for a child. After treatment with the detergent solution, wipe again with a clean cloth moistened with clean water. Those details of the cribs, which are made of fabric or material, if they can be removed, as well as baby bedding must be washed with a hand with a special powder for children or in a washing machine. Lingerie must be thoroughly rinsed - for this purpose it is necessary to choose the mode with the most rinses in the washing machine, and if you wash by hand, you must change at least three waters. After you stretch and dry the laundry, it must be ironed.

Prepare clothes and underwear for the child.
Everything should be not only bought, but also washed. This can be done in a washing machine with a detergent for children and necessarily separate from adult things. Usually this part of the preparatory work is performed by the future mother even before she leaves for the hospital. However, there are different cases, and if the mother is forced to go on childbirth without doing this important part of the preparatory work, it will have to be done by the Pope.

Prepare a parent's bed
It is necessary to change bed linen inThe parent's bed: the baby is often taken to the parent's bed, so now she has high demands for cleanliness and safety. Also, if you like to soak up on soft feather beds, for the duration of the child's stay in your bed, you will have to forget about this and lie on a stiffer mattress. This is necessary not only to ensure that the baby's spine is correctly formed, but also in order to reduce the chances of a newborn baby suffocating in too soft pillows and a mattress.

So you can call the most necessary verification. In addition to things for the baby, this is still a minimal first aid kit for crumbs. The first-aid kit is not needed to start treating the baby from the very first day - it must be used to treat the umbilical cord. So, check the presence of hydrogen peroxide, two pipettes, zelenka, antiseptic (it can be chlorophyllipt, octenisept, chlorhexedine, miramistin, etc.), cotton wool and cotton buds. In addition to the first aid kit, at home, most likely, two packages are prepared, which you need to take with you on your statement. In one package lies clothes and shoes for a young mother, in the other - an outfit for crumbs and disposable diapers.

Organization of a solemn statement
This includes the provision of safe transport witha children's car seat, if it is stipulated - the invitation and the organization of guests, the organization of video and photo-shooting, the purchase of a holiday bouquet, the organization of the previously mentioned festive table. And the last thing you should not forget is the good mood and calm with which you will meet a new member of the family.

If this list seemed to the future dad toovolumetric, it is worth remembering that your wife, who became a young mother, regularly makes the vast majority of these cases. In addition, the pope may well attract voluntary assistants or rely on employees of specialized organizations.
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