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How to charge the brain with energy

Your mom, as usual, was right whenblessing you for the exam, shoved a chocolate into the backpack: the dark gentleman really helps us to think better. True, only if it is a real high-quality dark chocolate with a significant content of cocoa beans. Black varieties contain a large amount of flavanol - a substance that positively affects the blood circulation of the brain and the saturation of its cells with oxygen. The effect that bitter chocolate and cocoa have on the blood circulation of the brain can be useful in situations where a person is tired or not getting enough sleep.

The idea of ​​snacking whenever you need todeal with a heap of cases or digest gigabytes of information, looks very tempting. But consider, we are talking about short-term influence, that is, after two or three hours the body will need a real recharging. And the native priest after such experiments is unlikely to seem damn attractive to you. So, it's time to discuss other ways to become smarter.

Breathe in energy
The shortest path to the brain is the nose, andThe inhaled aroma can affect the work of the thinking system faster than food or exercise. Spread 4 drops of a suitable essential oil in 8 tablespoons of water, pour the resulting mixture into a bottle with an atomizer and spray the face with a liquid from time to time. Or use the aroma lamp. The effect of these procedures is simply excellent - you get less tired and think better.

It is possible to use natural products for aromatic feeding of cerebral activity:

The light smell of lemon has a refreshing andstimulating effect on the cells of your brain. In addition, encouraging. Therefore, you can cut one citrus in half, put it on the table in time for work and periodically inhale its smell.

The fresh aroma of peppermint invigorates and drives away sleep during monotonous work. A bunch of this fragrant grass can be tied to a table lamp or put on a shelf.

Strong spirit of rosemary helps with mentaloverwork, excellent mood. Only to inhale follows the smell of a fresh plant - a dried version, stored in your box with spices does not fit.

Favorite delicacy of your brain is fat. Yes, yes, again injustice. But what can you do: this body is 60% fat, and does not mind treating yourself like that. But, like everyone smart, the brain still actively advocates the idea of ​​healthy eating and clearly distinguishes it in quality. It has been proven that a diet with a high content of saturated trans fats can adversely affect thinking processes. In contrast, mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce the risk of developing mental disorders. Remember this, replenishing the basket of the supermarket: choose avocado, olives or olive oil (worthy sources of monounsaturated fatty acids) and do not go past products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids: beans, nuts, nut and linseed oils, and fish, mainly marine fatty varieties.

If memory does not fail you, you probablyremember the apt definition from the school textbook of biology: "Proteins are the bricks of the body." So, your brain also uses this building material to grow neurotransmitters important for the process of thinking. They depend on your cognitive abilities and ability to remain calm and unruffled when an urgent presentation, a visit of relatives and the news that your ex did not die in tears, but was recently seen with some beauty in a noisy party. We call this the sobriety of the mind, and the physicians with a sufficient level of glycine, an important amino acid contained in protein monsters such as hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, soy, peas, lentils, cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, meat and fish. And do not forget that proteins of vegetable and animal origin must enter your organism in approximately equal numbers.

Now imagine that the brain cells that youso carefully nourished, still unhappy; because they are constantly attacked by free radicals - the main modern villains. Antioxidant vitamins - S, E, A, will help you to give pests to the pests. It's all very simple with the first one: it is found in many vegetables, fruits, berries and greens, but unquestionable champions here are dogrose, red bell pepper, black currant, parsley, apples , citrus fruits. Such a powerful antioxidant, like vitamin E, you will find in vegetable oils, nuts, cereals. Vitamin A will have to be extracted from products of animal origin - liver, red caviar and eggs, but do not swallow and full of beta carotene carrots, spinach and tomatoes - from them your liver self-synthesizes a useful substance. True, the first alphabet is digested only in the commonwealth with fats, but they also do not harm your brain, as you now know.
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