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How to shave before giving birth

But recently in hospitals they began to allowDo not shave just before delivery. In many countries has long ceased to protect shaving, perhaps this innovation came from abroad. Epilation should be performed without fail before cesarean section. The rest of the women can relax. But it is necessary to understand whether it is necessary to shave the perineum before giving birth or not. Why did they even come up with this procedure, because it's very hard to shave yourself from a tummy tummy.

Why shave the hairs before giving birth?

To begin with it is necessary to say that according to the rules of hygieneWomen must shave their pubic hairs. True, not everyone regards this procedure as necessary. Some think that naturalness is best. But we shave under the armpits.

This procedure is necessary primarily forMidwives. She must control the discoloration of the skin on the labia. At a time when the child's head is already out, there is too much tension in the skin, then it begins to whiten. And if you see it in time, you can prevent tear tissue breaks, or the midwife will cut in places of strong pull.

Especially when it is necessary to sew after deliveryIt is easier to perform an operation on the shaved groin. This is an additional disinfection. Witak is likely to carry the infection because of the hairs. The operation is more convenient. Do not forget that pubic hairs are carriers of various bacteria. And even after childbirth for several months from the vagina, there are excretions of the lochia. And they, together with pubic hairs, create an environment for the life of harmful bacteria.

Shaving in the hospital

If you think that shaving before delivery isSuperfluous, can be found in detail in the maternity home, about whether it is possible to skip this procedure. Each hospital has its own rules. If the maternity hospital does not object to this, then it is possible not to worry.

Today, the crotch can be shaved immediately beforeChildbirth vrodzale. This procedure is separately paid, as well as an enema. After all, not everyone is doing it at home. Therefore, if the waters have already moved away, and you have not shaved the hairs, do not despair. To do this, take with you a new shaver and shaving foam, soothing oil. The midwife will do everything herself. Some take with them only a razor, and then suffer from irritation. Of course, the postpartum is not the worst, but still it is an additional discomfort. But it is better to prepare in advance at home and shave off your hair in a comfortable environment.

Shaving before birth at home

The best option is shaving the perineum in-houseConditions. For this, it is necessary to comply with all hygiene rules in order not to spread the infection. After all, this can lead to adverse consequences for yourself and your child. There can be pustules, where the germs got. And you need to remember that after shaving you can not use tonics or lotions with alcohol. They very much dry the skin and provoke inflammatory processes on the delicate skin.

How to shave at home?


In order not to infect an infection, you need to use a new digester. It is desirable to treat it with alcohol or other disinfectant. Before the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Now it is necessary to wash yourself with a special gel forIntimate hygiene. Before this procedure, the perineum is treated with a special preparation. You can use miramistin or octinecept. These funds are not divorced. In no case can you replace these drugs with alcohol or cologne. So you will achieve only irritation.

Shaving on dry is not recommended. After all, women's skin is very old. Moreover, there is a possibility that you will be injured. Therefore, for shaving, a special foam with emollient oils is taken. Shaving will be uncomfortable. Because of the small tummy is not visible. Therefore, in this case a mirror will help. We put it before ourselves and begin this difficult process. To begin with, we put the foam on the skin and stretch the skin. Shaving the hairs is necessary against their growth. Movement should be slow and smooth, so as not to damage the skin.

After this complex process needs to be processedSkin. We use a napkin to wipe off the rest of the foam and smear it with an antiseptic or oil after shaving, and you can simply use a softening cream that you do not have allergies to. If the hair is not shaved off, then you can ask for help from your mother or even her husband. But only if he is not too suspicious. Sometimes such requests can lead to negative consequences in the future.


Not all women are ready to take the shaver in their hands. After all, many so long used epilators and simply refuse this procedure. Especially after the razor, the hairs become stiff and darken. Therefore, who is not afraid of a boli, he can use his epilator. The effect lasts a long time, so that you can perform the procedure a couple of days before the birth.

In this case, too, take a mirror and putin front of. Some advise putting a mirror on the bottom of the shower or bath. Who is caducous. It is necessary to treat the skin as well as when shaving the machine. Many believe that because of pregnancy, you can not use a depilator. In fact, it's invented myths, from which it's time to get rid of. Therefore, take your favorite epilator and go ahead.


And why not to facilitate to itself shaving before sorts or laborsAnd not having a beauty salon? There for money you will do anything. Today, a very popular procedure among pregnant women was the removal of hairs before delivery. This is a painful process, but reliable. And the result will please you. Voloskine will grow for 3-4 weeks.

With the help of wax you can remove the hairs and inThis is not difficult. But you need help. It will be difficult for you to heat the wax and apply it to the pubis, and then also to remove the wax strips. Because of zhivotikanichego not visible. Even with a mirror it will be difficult to do this.

Depilatory cream

One of the most cherished means duringPregnancy. Cream depilator for intimate places - simple salvation. Thanks to this tool, the removal of hairs from the groin does not constitute any difficulty. Just need to apply the cream on the skin, wait 5-10 minutes (written on the package), and remove the hairs with a special spatula. The most popular creams are now considered to be "Cleven", "Vit", "Evelyn", "Velvet". They are all effective and received excellent reviews.

Now no one forces you to shave before giving birth. But for aesthetic purposes, and for the sake of hygiene, it is still necessary to shave off unnecessary hairs. After all, we are all modern women. Why create discomfort for midwives and a doctor? After all, it's easier for them to work and take delivery. Good luck in this difficult process.

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