/ How to get rid of cravings for sweets?

How to get rid of cravings for sweets?

Often with a craving for sweetness,It is very difficult, but if you follow certain recommendations, then the task does not seem overwhelming anymore. In order to use a lesser person, one must first of all believe in one's own strength, that everyone can overcome the desire to eat candy, cakes, cakes, etc.

Because of what there is a craving for sweets?

The inexorable craving for sweet talk about the fact that inA person's diet lacks complex carbohydrates. Replenish their stock by using products such as cereal bread, cereals, legumes, except soy, macaroni from solid wheat varieties.

Sweet foods contain simple carbohydrates, theyQuickly saturate the body and improve mood. But it is worth remembering that, due to the consumption of sweet sugar, the level of sugar also rises, the body reacts to this by a significant release of insulin. Due to these processes, the feeling of saturation quickly passes and there is a feeling of hunger. Products containing complex carbohydrates, saturate for a long time, there are strengths and energy. It should be remembered that excessive consumption of sweet leads to an increase in the body's fat reserves, to weight gain, resulting in such diseases as obesity, etc.

When a craving for a car is the best,Eat natural chocolate. This product is not only tasty, but also useful. In order that there is no craving for sweets, you need to enrich your diet with foods that contain complex carbohydrates.

Substitutes for sweets and cakes

To reduce cravings for sweets,Ration a large number of fruits. To do this, instead of snacking the food, such as rolls and pastries, you need to eat your favorite fruits. Calories in fruits are much smaller, which means that extra pounds will not accumulate, and in addition, fruits are also useful for the organism. As a sweet substitute you can choose dried fruits or nuts, but they are quite caloric, so do not use them in too much quantity.

Begin to replace sweet foods in your dietNeed to gradually. To begin with, you should try a combination of useful and sweet foods, such as hazelnuts in chocolate or strawberries with cream. The use of these products will help the body to reorganize and get used not only to sweet, but also to healthy food.

Do not switch to various substitutesSahara. After all, in most cases, they are created for those to whom the use of sugar is contraindicated, for example, for those suffering from sugar diabetes. Substitutes of sugar will not help lose weight, and sometimes it is the turnover, they contribute to the appearance of new kilograms.

"Tricks" with the use of sweet

In the struggle against cravings for sweets, many apply suchTricks like, for example, fruit chewing gum. If there was a desire to eat something sweet, you can chew it and thus meet this need, nosahara in the body will not increase, and therefore there will not be any extra pounds.

When there is a desire to eat a candy, and after itFollowed by the second, third, etc., and it's very difficult to stop, you can use the following trick: instead of the usual sweets eat a few dark chocolate truffles. They quickly help the body to become saturated with a sweet, and the body does not get more sugar. You can even call it useful.

Proper nutrition for lovers of sweet

It should be remembered that breaks between receptionsFood should not be too large. A large break promotes that the appetite increases and the person consumes a greater quantity of sweet or a larger portion of food. To avoid this, it is necessary to eat more often, while portions are reduced. Optimal is a five-day diet to reduce hunger and stabilize sugar levels.

For lovers of sweet even more frequent mealsSmall portions and sometimes can not muffle cravings. In this case it is necessary to yield to the requirements of the body, but at the same time eat no more than 150 Kcal per one snack. For example, one chocolate candy contains about 80 Kcal, and caramel - 40-60 Kcal. In the interval between meals you can eat two-chocolate sweets or three caramels, then the feeling of hunger will not be violent.

You should not buy tori and chocolate boxesSweets, because if the house is delicious, it is very difficult to resist and not eat it. If you want candy, then it's best to buy a little hanging, and instead of cake to buy a cake. For those who like to eat a sweet biscuit, unsweetened crackers are an alternative.


Those who break and eat a sweet, not worth itdespair. Failures are quite normal. This is especially true of women, because they are more fragile creatures and in some days they just need to absorb sweet.

It should be remembered that theAre a panacea for problems and stress. In this situation, even when there is a very strong craving for sweets, you need to hold back. It is best not to sit at home, but go for a walk, for example, to a park or square. Fresh air and natural landscapes will distract from sad thoughts and desire to eat something sweet.

Do not instantly abandon the sweet andWait for the pounds to go away quickly. This process is quite long, everything needs to be done gradually. If there was a breakdown, then do not despair, you should start all over again, the main thing is to have a strong desire and then the goal will be reached.

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