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Benefits of sprouted wheat and contraindications for its use

Whole wheat

The healing properties of grains were also known in ourCountry. Often sprouted seeds were used for general strengthening of our immune system, and in the autumn and spring periods these seeds became one of the best means for preventing avitaminosis. We cooked on the basis of sprouted grains of wheat mashed potatoes, jelly, soups and a host of other dishes. Everyone, for sure, knows the true Russian dish, which is called kutya. It is prepared on the basis of grains of wheat.

More than once the grain of wheat became an objectBiochemical numerous studies. Millet entered firmly into the principles of dietetics of various foreign countries. Numerous systems that represent a proper diet suggest the inclusion of wheat germs in the daily diet. Today wheat as a germinated grains is also very popular among people who aspire to adhere to a healthy diet, as well as the right way of life.

Many dishes can be obtained on the basis of grains. Often based on sprouted grain curative decoctions, as well as other fortifying tinctures. Useful properties of wheat grains due to its chemical composition. Due to the germination process, enzymes, called enzymes, are activated in the wheat grain. Their action contributes to the splitting of nutrients in the cereal. As a result, new, most effective compounds are formed, which are easily absorbed by the body. There are such compounds in the optimal ratio, they have the form of fatty acids, the simplest forms of sugar and amino acids.

The fact is established that a small wheat germIs the most valuable in terms of mineral, vitamin, amino acid composition, than usual dry grain. And the process of germination of grain leads to the fact that the cereals themselves increase, and several times, vitamins of different groups. They are able to provide a sufficiently powerful stimulation for immunity. Thanks to such an influence, a rejuvenating effect is achieved, which can very positively affect the activity of the organisms belonging to our reproductive system.

Vitamins BProvide the ability to ensure the cohesion of the nervous system, brain, heart, muscles, while the processes that are responsible for the renewal, stimulation of the thyroid gland are normalized. As a result of regular use of these seeds, the condition of the hair cover improves, nails are strengthened, the skin is cleansed, and the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases. Sprouted wheat is also enriched with Vitamin C, which is the most valuable natural substance, which is able to block the negative influence of factors which, for the assimilation of iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium, create obstacles. Wheaten sprouts in themselves concentrate the force, the energy of the plant, which is still only in development. Therefore, they act as a rich source in the biological aspect of the active substances. They are also capable of providing many restorative and healing properties. In germinated grains, the upper membrane, which is called trubi, is very rich in dietary fiber, especially insoluble fiber.

This substance begins upon penetration intoThe body seems to swell. And this provides a stimulus for emptying the intestines, preventing the most undesirable phenomena of stagnation. Fiber, moving along the digestive tract, absorbs into its pores various harmful substances (toxins, slags, carcinogens, which are then effectively removed from the human body). The systematic use of sprouted grain, rich in various compounds, along with an optimal amount of water for a person is very useful.

Such food is especially recommended for those who suffer from constipation. Wheat grains can be an excellent prophylactic means of cancer of the thick, as well as of the rectum.

Contraindications to the use of wheat germ

Practically, the use of wheat germ can not have negative side effects. However, there are a number of contraindications.

It is necessary to abandon the use of such germinated germs to persons suffering from chronic exacerbations of the diseases of the intestinal system or the stomach.

From this food in case of an ulcer, diarrhea or an allergy it is better to abstain. Also, children under twelve years of age are not recommended to give grains of wheat.

Sprouted wheat is also not recommended for individuals who have only recently undergone surgical interventions.

But in other cases, wheat grains can bring great benefits, become a wonderful source of vitamins.

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