/ Effect of smoking on skin and figure

The effect of smoking on the skin and figure

Women believe that if there is an influence from a cigarette, then it does not externally externally, however, the cosmologist will always notice the consequences of the habit on the face.

Smoking leads to oxygen starvationOrganism, which leads to the appearance of early wrinkles. According to the results of the study, it was concluded that each cigarette smoked decreases the oxygen level in the body by 5%. If at first no negative effect is not noticeable, then after 10 years of smoking, wrinkles are much deeper than the rest.

Therefore, beautiful skin and smoking are incompatible concepts. Bags and bruises under the eyes, early wrinkles, dry skin, gray shade of the skin of the face - do not paint anyone.

Few know about all the negative aspects of smoking.

Aging skin

Bad ecology and the impact of sunlightContribute to skin aging, but with the cigarette, the aging process of the skin is accelerated. There are so-called "lines of the smoker" -verthical wrinkles around the mouth. The skin will begin to sag, wrinkles appear on the neck, face and around the eyes ("crow's feet").

The elasticity of the skin is so harsh, the vessels narrow, which means that the blood flow decreases, loss of collagen causes loss of skin elasticity.

In addition to external negative effects on the skin, there is also an external effect - smoke and heat emanating from the cigarette burn the mouth and lip, and this contributes to the development of a cancerous tumor.

If the harmful habit is stronger, and there is no possibilityAbandon it, we should support the work of the body in a tone with the help of antioxidants, which help in the struggle with free radicals. Free radicals contribute to the destruction of skin tissues, these remnants of chemical compounds must be combated.

Thinning of the skin

Elastin and collagen are proteins that respondElasticity and elasticity of the skin. When smoking, the skin becomes thinner, and immediately noticeable that it is thinner than that of non-smokers. Lack of oxygen leads to poor blood circulation, which causes depletion of the skin. On such a skin, traces of aging begin to appear much earlier.


When smoking a person smokes tobacco. On the skin immediately appears a layer of harmful microparticles, which create a greenhouse effect and clog pores. All this leads to the appearance of acne and pustules. On the face, near the auricles and around the eyes, the acne rises most often. In addition, the capillaries widen and a small red veins appear on the face, which does not paint anybody, especially a woman. Smoke soothes the dryness of the skin.

Research reveals the dependence between the degreeThe severity of acne and the number of cigarettes used. The statistics showed the following result: 10% of non-smokers are confronted with the problem of acne, and the number of smokers with acne is 42%.

Change shapes

At present, it is widely believed thatBecause of smoking lose weight, but in fact, the harmful habit causes disruption in the body, especially the hormonal system. All this leads to an imbalance of fat deposits on the figure: some of the seeds actually lose weight, and some on the contrary.

Negative influence of the kotin on the endocrine system also leads to imbalance.

Delay wound healing

It is proved that the wounds heal much moreSlower, especially surgical. For example, the transplantation of the skin increases the risk of rejection of the skin. The more a cigarette was smoked, the greater the risk of rejection and necrosis during skin transplantation.

Slowing the speed of wound healing increases the risk of infection of the wound. This occurs under the influence of a decrease in the level of collagen, a low oxygen level in the wound, a decrease in the growth of the vascular vessels.

Diabetic and arterial ulcers of the foot due to smoking can develop.

Smoking and vasodilation

After smoking a cigarette tonus of the vesselsis restored only after twenty minutes. If a woman smokes one cigarette every twenty minutes, the vessels will always be energized, which leads to rapid heartbeat. The heart as a result starts to work much faster, which leads to its rapid wear.

Full and normal heart work possibleOnly after the expiration of six months from the date of the rejection of a harmful habit. The longer the term of smoking, the greater the risk of coronary heart disease. Such a risk can be avoided only in the event of a refusal to smoke.

Discoid lupus erythematosus

When this disease occurs, the symptoms first appear on the face, slightly broken back, hands, on the upper chest and on the scalp.

The first signs of the disease begin withthe appearance of bright red or pink spots, however, later they can turn into plaques and increase even more. Such plaque is often noticed on the skin of the cheeks and nose.

According to studies, the disease among smokers is 1.5 times more common than in non-smokers.


The risk of psoriasis in people who smoke increases by 70-80% compared with non-smokers. Also, during smoking, frequent complications and relapses are possible.

Under the influence of nicotine and smoke, in which there are approximately three thousand toxins, there is a weakening of the immune system.

Rakslizistoy oral cavity and lips

The impact of tobacco smoke is found in mostcases of diseases. Sunlight and tobacco increase the risk of cancer of the lip cancer, and the possibility of cancer of the oral cavity increases under the combination of alcohol and smoking.

The effect of smoking on the skin of the figure is negative, so it's worth thinking about your health and beauty. It is not for nothing that the skin reflects all illnesses and is a mirror of health.

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