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Overpopulation of pregnancy: causes and possible consequences

Certainly there are absolutely calm women,think a week, not a elephant, after all, I will not wear it for a year and a half, the moment will come and will all the way. But the situation with the last terms of pregnancy is different, of course, you should not panic, but you can not be indifferent to it either. Address to the doctor, and if you already had a gynecologist and he says that the term is already being paid and births need to be called, then do not give up and do not stretch it. It is worth considering that when the child is overweight, the child can experience any physical problems, there is also a threat to his life.

So is there a bearing or not?

The fact is that pregnancy has two kindscounting, and both will show different terms. The term of pregnancy in its usual sense can have a more extended framework, i.e. the countdown of 40 weeks begins from the first day, when the last menstruation was. This is obtained 38 weeks from the moment of fertilization, in this framework, usually two more plus or minuses are added. But since exactly remember this happy day, as the rule does not work, then the delivery is expected in the period of 40 weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, the birth of 37 weeksis not pre-temporary, just as the birth of 42 is not considered to be late. And in both cases, the fetus is born completely well-heeled and healthy, no problems with the transfer at 42 weeks does not arise. Prolonged pregnancy is one that lasts just over 42 weeks, a similar case is less frequent than mere dressing, but do not worry much. In the end, the body is woman-like and the duration of pregnancy is also different, with its borders.

How to correctly determine this boundary?

If you cycle from the first day from the beginningmenstruation before the beginning of the first day of the next day is more than 28 days, then wearing over 40 weeks will be absolutely normal. It is also worth noting that every day added to such a calculation of the cycle, gives freedom from fears of repetition, it can be over 40 weeks quietly. In the case of a cycle that is less than 28 days, the optimal optimal gestation period will be 36-40 weeks.

There are still important points, because of whichpregnancy can last, for example, when in the first months of pregnancy there were complications, as a rule, in such periods the fetus does not receive the necessary development, therefore, it takes a little more time. Also, it is possible that someone on the female line of the future mamyimel has the same problems with perenashivaniem more than 40 weeks, it can be transmitted by inheritance. Moreover, the body can perform miracles, for example, hereditary or conditioned biorhythm, this has a very strong effect on the development of the fetus, and on the period of birth. For example, in her thoughts, a woman wished to give birth when her husband arrives from a business trip to be with him, and the body can adapt precisely to this psychological factor.

Explicit definition of overpaying

Of course, there are situations where labor is already clearlyare delayed, in this case it is necessary to start urgently to give birth, but in a natural way this will not happen soon. What can delay the birth and at the same time give a clear understanding that there is a perenashivanie?

  • If the amount of amniotic fluid has decreased, the birth activity may be sluggish or completely absent.
  • Also, a flat bubble, the one that is on the head of the cell, can interfere with the opening of the cervix and slow the delivery.
  • If the baby is already in the womb formed verydense bones of the skull, fontanelles and narrow sutures make it difficult to adapt to the exit, it is more difficult to start giving birth, and the process of delivery will require great efforts.
  • If the term is already 40 weeks, and the cervix is ​​not yet ripe, then this indicates that the pregnancy will be delayed.
  • If on ultrasound it is seen that in the amniotic fluid there is no damp-like lubricant and thus the fetus has dry skin, then it is already overripe.
  • If the placenta grows old and this is seen on ultrasound, it means that there is an overtaxation and the placenta will not soon be able to provide growth and life.
  • When the uzi indicates the presence of intestinal secretions of the baby's water, in this case the child will have oxygen starvation.

Why there is a recurrence?

It is necessary to understand which basic aspects contribute to the fetal reproduction.

Medical aspect

In case of overdraft, doctors have severalexplanations of explanations, but they boil down to the fact that the mother is not yet biologically capable, the body is not ready. As a rule, violations are caused by a number of functions of the central nervous system of the mother, and sometimes of the child, because the condition of the placenta depends on it.

The fruit can still not be sufficiently ripe, andthe immunity may not be ready, for example, the lack of vitamins E, R, C, B. In this case, the fetus will be formed additional time, which will be pereshashivaniem.Syuda should include previously made abortions, problems with fat metabolism, endocrine diseases, mental problems or trauma , problems with the female sex system, etc.

Heredity in all situations affects,Pregnancy is no exception. If the genus of the future mother was a woman who was walking, then it is likely that this can now happen again. If you make analyzes of amniotic fluid and blood, then if there is a problem, the imbalance of hormones and energy processes will be confirmed.

Sometimes the problem is complicated by excessivemedical control, as a result of which diagnoses will be made of the type of biological unintelligence. This can be caused by mum's anxiety, in a panic it will cause this moment. In this case it is recommended to conduct psychological discussions, or use stimulants.

The Psychological Aspect

This aspect takes a special position, oftenmoms are simple to give birth, the reasons can be different, more often they are reduced to caring for the condition of the child, to protect it, to take it out completely, etc., and this is the real problem. Fear can cause very strong compression of the uterine musculature or the smoothing of the cervix can occur, there may appear a new contraction and other symptoms.

For a better generic readiness, it's worth starting to do what you did beforehand, that is, more to walk, do gymnastics, intimate life excellently stimulates childbirth, it would be nice to swim.

There are such hidden fears, not at all understandable andarise from nothing, here it is recommended to visit a psychologist or visit antenatal courses, where you will be accurately helped. Also, the problem may be a sharp decrease in activity before delivery, in the event that the entire pregnancy was very active.

Do not constantly monitor your condition,otherwise you will get fatigue even before the birth, in addition, control is very hampered oncoming in time. If you do not leave such thoughts, you should try to switch to some interesting or important things for you, up to the preparation of the children's room and minor cosmetic repairs.

Sometimes at the deadline, relatives stronglyI warm up the installation of alarms and fables. If you are concerned, then to calm down, go through an ultrasound and consult a doctor to get confirmation, the normal course of pregnancy and the fetus, let it even be the last week.

It is worthwhile to worry if ultrasound shows that inAmbulatory fetuses have meconial flakes, and the child has problems with palpitations. At the time of concern, the very necessary process can occur that will give a signal to the body for the onset of labor. Otherwise, with worsening, it is worthwhile to call births artificially.

Sometimes it is very difficult to carry thesethe last two days are constantly in fear, so it is recommended that you get together with your family, are married and maybe with your parents and share your experiences. Often, her husband's unconventional behavior, panic and misunderstanding of the situation, can spur the woman's organization to the desired state, which in turn will have a positive impact on the beginning of the bouts and will begin the action.

Mammar test

Take a comfortable pose and relax, in the field of view put the hour. Now irritate the nipples for a minute and so 5-6 times, the gap is 3minute. To catch a fight, hold your hand on your stomach.

Outcome: a positive result, if the uterus has contracted for the first three minutes, and in ten minutes there will be several such fights (about 3 times). If you do a test at 40 weeks and get a negative test, then it may very well be that you are inclined to perenashivaniyu. In the case of a very active reaction of the uterus to a mammary test, but the delivery does not occur, do not worry, the baby needs a little more time and he himself will declare himself.

Danger of overexposure

Portable babies have a maturity of the brainmuch higher than normal children, so they have a high sensitivity to lack of oxygen. Here a lot depends on the placenta, which should provide the necessary oxygen, otherwise the condition of the baby can get worse. Sometimes the densities of the skull may not adapt to the birth canal and the mother will have a birth trauma. Due to overstretching, a lot of amniotic fluid can accumulate in a child.

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