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Cellulite in men

Let's compare the healthy skin and the affectedCellulite. Where the "orange peel" is formed, the cells of the subcutaneous fat are full of fat, which causes their increase in size and subsequent ruptures of connective tissue fibers, and this leads to the formation of noticeable "tubercles" and "pits" in the upper layer of the skin.

Such changes in fat cells are peculiarRepresentatives of both sexes. Therefore, those who wonder: can men have cellulite, you know, the answer is unequivocal: maybe even what! Although, it should be noted that men are still much less likely to this phenomenon because the genetically fatty layer in them is thinner than in women, and the skin, as a rule, on the contrary, is thicker. Therefore, the external signs of male cellulite are not so noticeable.

The main difference between female and maleCellulite - various zones of localization of swollen fat cells. Women are problematic with regard to cellulite are the hip and gluteal region. In men, cellulite affects mainly the abdomen. And it looks like they do not like "orange peel", but as a large fatty cushion around the waist, in the people it is also called "beer belly" or "lifebuoy".

Another reason why we do not often hear aboutMale cellulite is that the representatives of the stronger sex are not so attentive and scrupulous to their appearance. And if a woman noticed unpleasant irregularities on her body, then, as a rule, she immediately starts to struggle with these shortcomings. A man, at times, does not even notice any changes in his body.

To all other, many believe that cellulite -This is a purely aesthetic problem (well, you think, zhirok on your stomach! But many men are even proud of their "labor corn"). And therefore they are not in a hurry to take any action to eliminate it. And if they do some steps, they are only aimed at reducing external manifestations. However, in fact, the appearance of cellulite suggests that there is something wrong in the human body. And the root of the problem must always be sought.

Causes of male cellulite
The main reason why cellulite formsOn the body of a man is a sedentary and not an active way of life. If you spend a lot of time sitting or in a static position, the blood begins to stagnate. This leads to the fact that the cells lack the oxygen they need, and they start to work less actively, while accumulating fat in themselves. If everything else with such a passive rhythm of life a man does not regularly engage in sports, cellulite can appear in him already at a fairly young age - in 30-35 years.

The second reason for the appearance of cellulite in men -Constant stress. The body, regularly experiencing stressful conditions, begins to cope worse with the load, and this leads to a weakening of not only the immune system, but also to the disruption of metabolic mechanisms in the body, which directly contributes to changes in subcutaneous fat.

Another reason leading to celluliteIs a wrong and unbalanced diet. I do not run snacks, eating dry, too fatty, overcooked food, meager consumption of vegetables, fruits, coarse fiber, little drunk liquid (less than 1.5 liters a day) - all this leads to dysfunction of the normal operation of the digestive tract and the whole organism. As a result, subcutaneous fat cells begin to "clog up" and cellulite is formed. In addition, it is worth remembering that unhealthy and uncontrolled diet can lead not only to cellulite, but also to such a dangerous disease as obesity.

Sometimes the cause of the appearance of cellulite in menAre hormonal disorders. In normal body work, the male hormone - testosterone, is produced in sufficient quantity and promotes the splitting of excess fat. With hormonal changes in the production of testosterone decreases and fat begins to accumulate, including in the subcutaneous layer. If the problem is in hormones, then this is a serious reason, requiring careful examination and the appointment of appropriate treatment with hormonal drugs.

The last factor of male cellulite is too narrow and restricting the movement of clothes, as well as incorrect posture. As a result, there is a violation of normal circulation and cellulite is formed.

How to treat cellulite in men

To get rid of cellulite for men is much easier,Than to ladies. The fact is that in their body there is a large amount of natural fat burner - the hormone testosterone. It helps to reduce the fatty layer, provided that the man will regularly engage in physical activity. The main emphasis in the exercises is to do on the area of ​​the press (where cellulite likes to localize in men). Many men have enough to do sports just a couple of times a week to forget what fatty deposits and cellulite are.

Cosmetical tools
In addition to the physicalApply cosmetic anti-cellulite products that will have a warming effect and help improve blood supply to body tissues. Such products include special creams, algal wraps, and massage.

Surgical methods of getting rid of cellulite
If a man has taken a cellulitis(The fat fold has grown so much that it "enveloped" the internal organs, which threatens with serious health consequences), then, perhaps, the only reliable method will be to resort to surgical intervention. It is relatively safe and painless.

Let's consider the basic methods of getting rid of cellulite surgically:
  • Liposuction. Fat deposits are "sucked" from the body with a vacuum machine through small holes in the problem area. However, if there is a lot of adipose tissue, you will have to resort to surgery several times, since with liposuction in one session you can pump only 3-5 liters of fat. But the effect after such a procedure is very stable - the fat cells in the intervention zone no longer grow. Liposuction has a number of contraindications: diabetes mellitus, poor blood clotting, mental disorders, acute infectious diseases.
  • Electrolipolysis - a method of eliminating celluliteFatty tissue due to the impact of pulses of electric current, which is conducted through the skin, with the help of electrodes attached to the body. This method of hardware exposure is considered one of the most effective (after liposuction) procedures in the treatment of cellulite. When the pulse current is activated, metabolic processes are activated, the fat tissue is accelerated, lymph flow is out, the cell permeability is improved, and the fat is released from the cells faster.
  • Lipoplening - treatment of fat cells byA means of ultrasound and their further elimination from the body by natural means for several weeks. The main advantage of this method is that the re-emergence of cellulite after this procedure is unlikely.
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