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Useful properties of flax

The Benefits of Flax Seeds

These seeds contain many usefulSubstances. Flax seed contains fiber, vegetable proteins, vitamins A, E, B, macro and microelements, as well as irreplaceable polyunsaturated fats. Thanks to such a composition, this plant has a positive effect on the work of the whole organism. With regular use of flax seeds, it is possible to prevent the development of such diseases as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, neuralgic diseases and stresses, oncological diseases, diseases of the thyroid gland and many others.

It is proved that flax reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and normalizes the pressure. It also increases immunity and helps to eliminate symptoms of poisoning.

The seeds of flax contain such usefulSubstances like lignans. These substances have anti-inflammatory properties, so they remove toxins and carcinogens from the body. In addition, they are excellent antioxidants and very effectively block the effect of harmful radicals on the body. Therefore, regular use of this product helps to prolong youth.

In one teaspoon of flax seeds or linseed oil, only the daily norm of many vitamins and elements is contained, but also alpha-linolenic acid, which stimulates the production of omega-3 fatty acids.

Properties of Llanad Slimming Seeds

Many girls use flax to lose weight. Flaxseed, ground into flour, absorbs very fondly and gently the fats that our body and food bring. Then these fats are removed from the body. In addition, the flax perfectly cleanses the intestines. To do this, it is necessary in one day to eat one-tbsp spoon of ground flax seeds and drink them with a lot of water or kefir.

Doctors and nutritionists recommend every six monthsTo cleanse your body with the help of flax seeds. For this, linen should be used according to the following scheme: the first week every day, eat a teaspoon of grated flax seeds mixed with yogurt. The next week, you need to eat two teaspoons of ground seeds, washing them with a cup of yogurt or ordinary yogurt without additives. During the third week, you need to use a tritical spoonful of flax seeds and drink them a cup of sour-milk products.

If you want to keep your figure normal,From time to time add flax seeds to food. Flax can be added to any meal: flour, boiled, fried, stewed. Flax perfectly matches with porridge, meat, salads, soups.

The use of flax for the treatment of various diseases

As already mentioned above, flax seeds are used to treat a variety of diseases. Here are a few recipes:

With peptic ulcer, colitis, or gastritis

If a person suffers from these diseases, thenIt is recommended to use the flax seed. Take a tablespoon of seeds, grind them in coffee grinders, pour two glasses of water. This infusion should stand for two hours, after which it will be ready for use. Take it before each meal. The mucus that forms, envelops the stomach and prevents the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.

With inflammation of the rectum and hemorrhoids

With these diseases it is recommended to do enemas. To make a solution for the enema, take a tablespoon of flax seeds, chop them, pour a glass of boiling water and insist for several hours. After this, the resulting mucus can be used. After enema, it is necessary to comply with bed rest.

As a laxative

For laxative preparation takeA tablecloth of chopped flax seeds, pour them with two glasses of hot water and fill in for fifteen minutes. After this, strain the infusion and take it on half a cup on an empty stomach in the morning. There is another cooking recipe: take two teaspoons of flax seeds, add to them a half-glass of water and boil everything on low heat for five minutes. Then, strain the infusion and take three to four times a day for one table spoonfuls.

With edema

If you suffer from puffiness, then such a remedyYou can help get rid of this problem. Take four teaspoons of flax seeds and fill them with a liter of water. Put on a slow fire and boil for fifteen minutes. After that, put the pan in a warm place and daiten the means for an hour and a half. This drug should be taken 6-7 times a day for half a glass. The result will be noticeable in a couple of weeks. For taste to knast you can add a little lemon juice.

With rheumatism and gout

To get rid of these ailments, prepareSuch a means. Take two teaspoons of flax seeds, add to them one and a half cups of water and simmer for ten minutes. Then cool the infusion and shake it. Take this drug five times a day, one tablespoon.

With diarrhea

One tablespoon of seeds should be pouredHalf a glass of hot water. Then put the product on a slow fire and cook for fifteen minutes. Judge the resulting mixture, strain it and use it for enema.

With pyelonephritis

You will need: 40 grams of seeds of seed flax, 30 grams of root sowing seed, 30 grams of birch. Stir all the ingredients and pour them a glass of boiling water. Then keep the infusion on the water bath for fifteen minutes. When the infusion is ready, cool it and wring it. The resulting product boil once more. After this, the product will be ready for use. Take it several times a day for a third of a glass.

When you cough

If you can not get rid of a cough, tryThis is a medium. Three tablespoons of flax seeds pour a glass of boiling water, shake everything for ten minutes, then strain the liquid. In a strained liquid add one and a half teaspoons of anise, five teaspoons of licorice root and 400 grams of honey. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and cook over low heat for five minutes. After this, strain the mixture and take four times a day before meals for half a cup.

When dropsy

Take three teaspoons of seeds and pour themLiter of water. Put a slow fire and simmer for twenty minutes. After this, pour the infusion of the infusion and leave to set for two hours. Take this remedy every two hours for half a glass in a hot form. The result will be visible after three weeks.

With gastritis

Pour one liter of hot water 20 grams of seedsFlax. Nastavitainen for five hours. After this, strain and take half a cup before each meal or exacerbation of gastritis.

As a diuretic

Pour a tablespoon of flax seeds with a glass of boiling water and inate for half an hour. After this, take infusion 3 times a day on a single-spoonful.

As you can see, flax seeds are very useful for everything.Organism. It is used for the prevention of many diseases, for treatment, as well as for cleaning the body. On the shelves of shops you can find not only flax seeds, but also flaxseed oil, as well as flax flour. These products are also useful. They can be used even for cosmetic purposes.

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