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How to protect your health from the harmful effects of the environment

If you think that the problems of ecology are contrived,at least once you watch documentaries on this topic. The footage when an Indian girl appears on the screen, scooping up dirty water from a ditch to drink it at a break in school, the houses made of cardboard boxes hanging over muddy water bodies, the movement of hundreds of villagers to megacities due to the lack of water in the region, The endless cities-garbage cans, in which thousands of people live, can not remain indifferent. And if the problems of a global scale can not be solved by one person, then it's worth starting with yourself. To do this, it is worth analyzing what precautions are taken from the harmful effects of the environment and we can use it in everyday life.

Junk food
It is known that with air, water and food wewe get both useful and harmful substances. Speaking of food, in the past few decades, the so-called junk-fud ("food-garbage") has become widespread. Especially it is typical for the inhabitants of the Mesapolis, after all, to satisfy the hunger by buying a patty from the tray is a habit for many. Few people pay attention to the quality and method of cooking. Originally, the term referred to the garbage that usually remained after street products: wrapping paper, slips or cups, but eventually junk food began to refer to junk food containing a huge amount of fat, sugar, salt and all kinds of additives. Realizing what damage to human health and the environment as a whole causes such "food", the EU countries have long been sounding the alarm. Therefore, there is an active struggle with junk food, and in some countries fast food chains are closed. For example, Denmark introduced a tax on fatty foods and sweets. And the purpose of the citizens of this country is quite understandable - they are for a healthy nation. The population of Italy and France supports local restaurants, in which everyone can taste dishes of national cuisine. In France, Germany and especially in Italy you can often see a smile on the door of the restaurant. It is a symbol of sloofud movement, which appeared in 1986 as a counterbalance to fast food (in English, slow food.) Today, more than 130 countries have adherents of this movement. People advocate a healthy diet and do everything to preserve the traditions of local cuisine in their regions. The products from which the dishes are prepared are delivered to the establishment from the nearest farm or local bazaar. Supporters of sloofud offer food without harming the environment and human health. By the way, the rules that Sloafudov adhere to, can be applied in their own kitchen. For example:
  • Pay attention to the storage period;
  • Use vegetable oil in cooking and at least once a week eat fish;
  • fresh natural and seasonal products are welcome;
  • choose products grown in the region where you live. The organism perceives this food better;
  • no freezing, as well as the presence of dyes and preservatives;
  • subject to minimal thermal or chemical treatment.
    Water: live and ... raw
    In the small Australian city of Bundanun introducedban on the use of plastic bottles. The locals eagerly supported this decision in order to fight for the environment, agreeing that the production of water in plastic bottles is causing great harm to the environment. The quality of water in Australia and in many countries of Europe is beyond doubt. Our country can not boast of such a thing. Toxic elements that are in it, often cause a number of diseases. And the growth of blue-green algae in old water pipelines only increases the amount of toxins that affect the functioning of the liver and nervous system of a person, cause skin allergies and reduce the protective functions of the body. Precautions when using water are not so difficult:
    • Do not drink raw tap water, if the quality of water does not suit you, then it is better to use bottled water of proven producers for cooking;
    • Be sure to use a filter or water purifier;
    • to store water in the refrigerator (for example, in hot weather), give up plastic containers, choose glassware.
    We do not see, but we feel
    The presence of all kinds of equipment in our homes,Of course, brings a lot of comforts. But at the same time, nobody canceled electromagnetic radiation, which generates a refrigerator, an electric kettle, a washing machine. Far from each of us can stop watching TV, refuse the metro, do without a computer or microwave. But you can still reduce the impact of electricity.

    To protect yourself from electrosmogging in your own apartment, try to adhere to the following rules:
    • at night it is desirable to disconnect all electrical appliances;
    • Do not charge the mobile phone, e-book and other appliances in the bedroom. Either turn them off while you sleep, or transfer them to another room;
    • Do not leave power supplies in the outlet, especially if you do not use them;
    • Sockets in the bedroom should be placed at a distance of 1.5 m from the bed;
    • Install a TV, microwave and washing machine so that the wall to which they adjoin, go out into the street;
    • After using electrical appliances, always disconnect them from the mains.
    Can I refuse?
    A few years ago some of us worespecial glasses when working at the computer. And someone even put a cactus in front of the monitor: he supposedly absorbed harmful radiation. To date, computer technology has a fairly high level of protection. Therefore, precautions are reduced to removing the strain of the body during work, making every hour a break for 10-15 minutes.

    If we talk about an air conditioner that saves usand in the heat, and in the cold, then do not forget about the replacement of the filter. Today, many cooling systems are equipped with a special indicator that shows when it is time to change the filter. If the indicator is not available, it is desirable to systematically check the degree of contamination of the filter. If you constantly use the phone, it is appropriate to buy headphones or a special headset. Needless to say, our way of life is connected with technology, every day we go to the subway or trolley bus, turn on the microwave oven, watch TV. We do not want to refuse the benefits of civilization, and there is no sense in it, but it is possible to minimize the use of electrical appliances. For example. the world has been holding for several years the so-called ShutDownDay - the day of abandonment of computers and mobile devices. May 16, many people around the world for a day voluntarily refuse to use them. Curious. Will you be able to support this experiment?
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