/ / Fish oil for weight loss: a myth or reality? Analysis of the composition, recommendations for the selection and consumption of funds.

Fish oil for weight loss: a myth or reality? Analysis of the composition, recommendations for the selection and consumption of funds.

We burn fat correctly

Every girl knows how hard it is to get rid ofFrom fatty deposits on the hips, buttocks, abdomen. Sometimes even strict diets and exercise do not give the desired results. Even if you manage to throw a couple of pounds, they quickly return. Therefore, it is very important to lose weight correctly. It is necessary to choose a method of weight loss, which would stabilize the metabolism in the body.

Few people know that when consuming fish oilYou manage to lose weight much faster than if you, for example, gave up carbohydrate or protein foods. Of course, one can not hope that by using this drug you can eat everything and at the same time lose weight in a couple of weeks. It is necessary to approach the process of losing weight correctly. To do this, take fish oil, exercise in the gym and eat right.

Daily rate

Today many doctors disagree on theAbout how much a day you need to eat fish oil. For example, the American Association claims that a day it can be eaten no more than two grams. This number is quite enough. Other experts say that a person needs to eat one gram for every percent of subcutaneous fat. But that's too much. In addition, an overabundance of vitamins can lead to hypervitaminosis. Therefore, in order to properly choose for yourself a daily dose of this drug, consult a doctor.

If your body is not more than twenty extraKilograms, then per day you need to eat two grams of fish oil before each meal. That is, about six grams per day will be released. However, a more accurate rate should be calculated from the needs and physiology of the body.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, walkIn the fresh air, get well, exercise, then taking fish oil, you can lose four kilograms per month. In this case, you do not necessarily completely exclude from your diet fat and high-calorie food.

Be very careful. Never take this medication on a hungry stomach, as it can cause indigestion. Also it is impossible to consume fish oil. We need to take breaks. The duration of a one-year course is thirty days. After that, you need to take a break for four months.

Who is recommended to consume fish oil?

Fish oil is recommended from time to timeto use everything, not only for adults, but for children. However, this drug is very useful in the winter, when a person often suffers from vitamin deficiency, because he eats less vegetables and fruits and uses a lot of fatty foods, meat dishes and so on. Of these products, we can not get all the necessary substances. Therefore, fish oil will become an indispensable helper. He not only will not allow to postpone excess calories on the sides, but also saturate the body with vitamins and beneficial substances.

Also doctors recommend to use this drugthose people who have problems with sight, teeth. Particularly useful is cod liver oil for girls who have nails to crack, hair is broken and broken, and skin is also flaky.

Contraindications to the consumption of fish oil

If you decide to take fish oil for weight loss,consult a physician in advance. This drug can not be used by people who have problems with the thyroid gland, kidneys, and it can not be taken by those who have tuberculosis or who have an excess of vitamin D in their bodies.

It should be noted that this product can causea serious allergic reaction. Most often, the allergy to fish oil arises in those people who do not tolerate the sea products. If after a couple of hours after taking this medication you will feel dizzy, nauseous, a rash or itching will appear on the body, immediately stop the intake of fish oil. If symptoms persist throughout the day, consult a doctor immediately to avoid serious consequences.

Only by prescription of the doctor in small dosesit is permitted to take fish oil to people who suffer from heart, stomach, liver or intestinal disease. Also with caution, this drug should be taken by future mothers and lactating women.

In the risk zone are hypertensive patients. If you eat improperly, fish oil can reduce your blood pressure. You can not combine fish oil with other vitamin complexes or medications, since an unpredictable reaction may occur. In extreme cases, you need to consult a doctor.

How to choose the fish oil

It would seem that nothing is easier than choosing a fishfat. However, one should take into account the fact that this medicine. And medicines of different manufacturers can have a different effect on our body. Each company has its own production technology for pills with fish oil. And not all technologies guarantee high quality. Therefore, when buying, be sure to pay attention to:

Certificate availability

At your request in any pharmacy you are requiredprovide a certificate for the medicine, which confirms the quality of products and the legality of its implementation. The certificate must necessarily indicate what the fish oil consists of: basic composition, substances and additives.

Packing and labeling

Be sure to take the packing with fish oil andread everything that is written on it. Each manufacturer must specify the composition, purpose, side effects and the like. Even what the capsules with the drug are made from, has an important role, both in the cost of the product and in its effectiveness. For example, fish gelatin is much better and more expensive than animal gelatin.

As for the package itself, its preferenceIt is worth giving away those products that are packed in a glass jar made of dark glass. The thing is that the sun's rays have a bad effect on Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish oil. Also, the jar should close tightly.

Brand of the manufacturer

The more famous the manufacturer, the more expensive its products. Everyone knows this. But, as a rule, it is the well-known manufacturers that produce better products.

Shelf life

Be sure to pay your attention to the termshelf life of the drug. On average, the shelf life of the fish oil is two years from the production date. In no case do not use the drug if it is overdue. They can poison themselves. Therefore, buying a fat, be sure to ensure that you have time to use it until the expiration date.

As you can see, fish oil is very useful. It can be used for various purposes: to enhance immunity, to treat certain diseases, for the prevention of vitamin deficiency. And most importantly - with the help of fish oil you can get rid of a couple of extra pounds. However, do not forget that in order to lose weight, it is not enough to drink only fish oil. It is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eat right.

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