/ / Part 2. Leisure during pregnancy: what can and can not?

Part 2. Leisure during pregnancy: what can and can not?

Spectacular events

During pregnancy, it is very good to receivePositive emotions and impressions when watching pleasant films or theater performances, attending concerts. In this case, the body produces hormones of joy - endorphins, which contribute to improving the mood and overall well-being of a pregnant woman and her crumbs. From watching horror movies, militants swarming with bloody scenes of violence, performances and films with heavy psychological subjects during pregnancy, it is better to abstain. The stress experienced by a person when viewing such films and performances, arises reflexively, even with the external calm of a person. Hormones of stress lead to spasm of blood vessels, increase blood pressure, increase heart rate, increase blood viscosity, worsening utero-placental blood flow. Pregnancy is a great time for reviewing your favorite movies, reading your favorite books. Now there are many musical discs with melodies for relaxation, with the sounds of nature, intended for listening to future moms.

A crowded meeting, a crowd of footballFans, fans of pop and rock music stars should be avoided during pregnancy, as this can be very dangerous: the crowd can crush, frighten, the probability of getting injuries is high. Therefore, visiting football matches, concerts, where a lot of over-active youth is better to postpone.

Water Activities
Visiting water parks is one of the modern entertainment. Large cities create huge complexes of various water attractions, swimming pools, saunas and baths.

In the absence of contraindications and complicationsBegin to engage in the pool can be at any time of pregnancy. Preliminary it is necessary to consult with the doctor conducting your pregnancy. Particularly suspicious women are afraid of visiting water parks and swimming pools because of fear of infection. However, while observing the rules of personal hygiene (rubber slippers, swimming cap, visit to the shower before and after swimming in the pool), staying in the pools of the water park is absolutely safe. Swimming is the optimal kind of exercise for pregnant women and is recommended by many specialists. This is due to the fact that during the carrying out of the child, the load on the musculo-articular apparatus of the body increases, especially on the muscles and joints of the legs and back. With the increase in gestation period, the habitual center of gravity of the body shifts, the coordination of movements of the pregnant woman changes. Water extinguishes sharp movements, significantly relieves the joints of the spinal column, legs, relieves tension from the muscles, which account for additional body weight under normal conditions, allows you to relax, reduces fatigue, anxiety, helps normalize sleep. Exercise in water physical exercises (swimming, aqua aerobics) contribute to strengthening the muscles of the back, abdominal press, legs, improve metabolism, the state of the cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous systems. This is a good training and preparation of the future mother's organism for the birth itself. In water, the load on the venous leg apparatus decreases, which prevents the development or decrease of varicose manifestations.

However, it is not superfluous to follow a future motherA number of precautions. Pregnant is not recommended to roll off the water slides: a shaking of the body, possible impacts against the walls, fear and tension, which can cause contractions of the uterus, absolutely do not need you and your future baby. For the same reasons, it is better to visit the water parks during the few hours of the day. Noise, screams tire, and possible collisions at water rides or on the paths of the pool may be unsafe for expectant mothers. When swimming is prohibited sharp movements, flies, strong back deflection, characteristic for the styles of crawl, butterfly, jumping in the water from the springboards and towers, fraught with blows and injuries. It is allowed to hydromassage the back, neck and shoulder area with a moderate pressure of water, but you must ensure that the water jet does not hit the stomach.

Regarding the possibility of visiting pregnant womenBaths or saunas in the water park, the majority of specialists are very categorical on this issue: during pregnancy it is not recommended to visit the steam room. Therefore, the question of whether or not to expose the body to extra work in the sauna or sauna, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor who is leading your pregnancy. Overheating is very dangerous for the developing child's organism and the normal course of pregnancy. The safest for visiting the sauna and sauna is the 2 trimester of pregnancy, the temperature in the sauna should be up to 80 degrees. In 1 and 3 trimesters, when visiting a bath or sauna, the probability of termination of pregnancy is high. Therefore, the most important rule is moderation and gradualness in everything.

Balls and Pins
The game of bowling is gaining more and morepopularity. Advantages of bowling in that it does not require special, lengthy training and special training, allows you to alternate loads with rest, avoiding the exhaustion of players.

In the absence of complications of pregnancy, play inBowling is not contraindicated to future mothers. However, it should be borne in mind that the weight of the ball should not exceed 2-2.5 kg. It is also necessary to avoid very sharp movements, large amplitude flares. Due to the hormone relaxin produced during pregnancy, the ligamentous apparatus of the joints becomes more extensible: this preparation of the pelvic joints for birth makes all other joints (elbows, knees) more vulnerable, which increases the likelihood of injury when performing large physical exertion. This must also be remembered during the throw of the ball.

Thus, the waiting time of the baby may well beTurn into fascinating months, allowing to live a full life in this not so long period of preparation for the realization of the main miracle in life - the birth of a long-awaited healthy child.
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