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Products harmful to the skin

1. Salt
According to the recommendations of American cardiologists,Do not exceed the daily intake of sodium more than 1500 mg. This can lead to high blood pressure, and it, in turn, acting on collagen, will weaken the skin. Salt also causes puffiness under the eyes and wrinkles in such thin skin areas as around the eyes.

2. Sugar
Stay away from sweets. Sugar, which is contained in them, can lead to an excess of insulin in the blood, which will affect your blood vessels and accelerate the aging process of the skin. Dermatologists say that if you give up sugar, then in a week you will see a difference. The skin will become shiny and elastic. To meet the need for sweet, refer to the fruit. More complex natural sugars our body processes slower, which will lead to age-related pigmentation spots.

3. Coffee
Coffee brings to our body a double dose of aging. Coffee not only covers the pearly white teeth, but also dehydrates the body, resulting in the skin dries and loses its elasticity. Due to dehydration, wrinkles around the eyes become more noticeable. Doctors recognize that coffee is a necessary attribute of active pastime, so if you need a cup of coffee to cheer up, do not forget to moisturize your skin properly or drink green tea. It is an excellent antioxidant and less dehydrated due to the low content of caffeine.

4. Alcohol
Do you like a glass of red wine for the night? Physiotherapists warn: binge draws water from the cells. Because of this, there are swelling around the eyes, which in the end does not make us young. To the damage caused to our skin by alcohol, the result is added from the unrestrained absorption of salty snacks such as chips and salted nuts, which you have a snack. You already know about the effect of salt. In order to counteract the alcoholic effect of dehydration, it is necessary to drink one additional glass of water for each dose of the alcoholic drink taken.

5. Fried meat
This is the main product in the diet of the majorityAmericans. Recent studies of physicians have determined that eating it more than once a week is fraught with health and provokes the appearance of wrinkles. According to these studies, too high a level of carnitine - animal protein makes the walls of blood vessels more fragile, resulting in premature folds on the skin. And although meat is a good source of vitamin B12, which is very important for red blood cells and the brain, it can be replaced by seafood and dairy products. Summary: if you are a fan of fried meat, limit yourself, reduce portions and go to other ways of cooking, because there are so many recipes.

6. Simple carbohydrates
Products such as white bread and pastaProducts, including all your favorite spaghetti, have a high glycemic index, indicating an increase in oxidative processes in the body. They destroy collagen and elastin, resulting in the skin losing elasticity and elasticity, becoming flabby. Go for whole grains, they are processed more slowly than simple carbohydrates, there are no abrupt changes in insulin, and the skin will respond with gratitude.

7. Spicy food
The predilection of most of us to pepper and otherSeasonings and spices is understandable. But what's nice at the dinner table can play a cruel joke on the skin of some types of people. The abuse of spicy food can lead to an expansion of blood vessels in those who are prone to rosacea (for reference: acne rosacea or pink acne is an inflammatory disease of the facial skin) or passing through menopause. Avoiding spicy food, it is possible to keep the capillaries of the skin in a youthful state, they do not appear through the skin. Of course, if you have never seen it and there is no genetic predisposition, then the result of taking something sharp will not be catastrophic.

8. Hot dogs and cold meats
It's no secret that meat is used in such dishes,Treated with sulfites for the sake of its long-term preservation. These sulfites can break down many proteins and vitamins, resulting in the skin losing its anti-inflammatory abilities. Can come out rosacea, the skin will look too ruddy or unhealthy-yellow. Look for meat that does not contain sulfites, make sandwiches with tofu and legumes, so that the skin does not age before its time.

9. Soda
Nutritionists say that all these pops are nothinggood for teeth and skin do not represent. Soda is a strong oxidizer, it corrodes tooth enamel, which makes teeth more susceptible to destruction. Your face with an ugly smile will lose all the charm and will look emaciated. In addition, the high sodium content in the sodas aging the skin. If you really want to drink a tasty drink - there is nothing better and more useful than fruit juices.

10. Trans fats
Fats contained in baking and fast foods,they block the arteries, which ultimately worsens your appearance. The skin loses its elasticity. But you should not completely give up fat. Natural monounsaturated fats, which are so rich in olive and coconut oil, bring to the body vitamin E, which stabilizes the cell membranes and protects against oxidation by free radicals, which favorably affects the skin's preservation of its youth.

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