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Dole - professional assistant at delivery

Probably, before any woman is veryAn exciting question, who will be better or more correct to call for childbirth? On the one hand, you want to call your beloved and dear person, on the other hand, it is necessary that this person is not easily present, but somehow he was able to help in this difficult moment to help the right decision, so that the most necessary support would come from him. And so how to decide whom to call?

It is a question of a helper who does notOnly he was present side by side and encouraged by words, although this too is not small, he must be your "I" in relation to medical staff. It is important that he can persistently remember about severe pain, monitor the state of health of a woman not from the point of view of the doctor, but as a close and caring person, such a person can notice the slightest changes in the condition. Such a person will be able to play the role of a co-operative, will follow fights and breathing, suggest when to push and how to breathe correctly, this will be the midpoint between midwives and you. It should be said that timely prompts and instructions even about proper breathing can greatly facilitate childbirth and reduce the painfulness of labor. Helper can at the right time to massage the lower back, stretch the muscle tissue, timely stop the cramp. In especially difficult births, the woman is very lacking support and the right advice, even in such a question, whether it is worth taking an anesthetic or not. However, there are very many questions and situations at birth.

Most often, husbands are afraid to attend suchActivities, under the cover of the fact that they can not be there as assistants, and that they need help themselves. But this fear is due to not understanding and not knowing what a man is required and what he could help at all. And it can help him very sensibly, for example, he can detect the duration of the bouts, and as long as there are none, the husband will be able to transfer the request to the doctors or prompt his wife in time to breathe more deeply. In addition, you can what-toponobichitsya, and even just get wet face napkin, this help and touch will give you strength. Also there is the opportunity to be in touch with relatives and report on the state of childbirth. Particularly important is the moment before childbirth, in the long wait for fights and at the beginning of labor, when the state of a woman is very exciting, then talking with a loved one is more important than anything else.

But these are all recommendations on persuasion, and onIn fact, the worth of a spouse's desire, because long persuasions can be persuaded by anyone, but then the man will not be able to help you, even in elementary questions. Therefore, if the second half, after considering the proposal, refuses, it is better not to continue and not to insist. It must nevertheless be understood that this is a man, and the presence at birth is not an intrinsic task for him, besides, not every husband can suffer such suffering. Sometimes this can in general be bad for his sense of self-assessment, when he realizes that as a husband he could not help, even though he was present.

Do not get lost and do not worry, because todayThere is a specialist in such matters, it's a dole. You can turn to such a specialist in an extreme situation, when you need the presence of a person, but there is nobody. Dole is not a midwife, she is a mere assistant for childbirth, she helps people and psychologically. It is necessary to say that in Europe, and indeed in the world, this is already a fairly common practice when a future mother takes birth for doula.

What is the point, because this is not a close person, how can it help, is it practiced in Russia?

It should be said that the dole is not new, butPerhaps, an ancient profession, such assistants have been from time immemorial. Today even the whole week is celebrated on March 22-29, and this is the International Day, although it is only 3 years old in modern times. In the old days, the dole is an experienced large woman. The help of experienced women to women in labor has always been present in traditional cultures, but in modern society such traditions have been forgotten. Only in the US in the late 70's of the last century began the revival of these age-old traditions. March 22, spring is the beginning of everything that comes to life after winter, this is the birth of a new nature and a new life, therefore the day symbolically coincides with the natural calendar.

Who is it and how do we find it?

As already mentioned, the dole is an assistant forChildbirth, however, not every woman who has already given birth, namely a professional assistant by medical training, is not an obstetrician. The main task of the dole is to provide the woman with emotional calmness, psychological support and maximize the tracking of physical comfort. Dole supports the woman emotionally at the time of the birth itself, starting from home, it helps if you need to get together a malady, and also provides an agreement procedure with the maternity home.

It has already been proven that a woman is normalGave birth, it is necessary to abandon all thoughts, to relax emotionally, to direct all attention to the process of childbirth and give birth. It is because of the strong stress, nervousness, tension and fear that prolonged and painful births are obtained. During these hours of preparation, when the time passes for painful and painful waiting, the dole must take care of the woman in all matters. This includes food, communication, immoral support, proper massage, strengthening of psychological state and encouragement. But all this should be as natural and alive as possible.

She needs to forget about herself and take care of the woman.The birth itself takes, as expected, the doctors, but the dole can give good advice in what position to try childbirth, she will intelligently tell in the question of breathing, control the intervals of the fights.

The most important thing is that all communication with doctors takes onThis is often the case for a woman, this communication often becomes the most painful. Nevertheless, she can not change the rules of birth, the conditions that exist in the hospital, let alone manage the births themselves and intervene in the process of trying to replace doctors.

In the world and in the USA for many maternity homes alreadyThe professional doles are fixed, and upon the need of their services are provided, and for free. It was noted that when an assistant or an associate is present with a woman, she, as a rule, does not need anesthesia. Cases of cesarean section are also sharply reduced, which is also extremely important.

Of course, in the Russian maternity practiceSuch professional assistants are not yet very common. We do not have such education, basically we work with doctors, who teach courses for pregnant women, sometimes they are psychologists, as well as mothers with experience of many births and medical education. In our country they are called "spiritual helpers", however, earlier women who take birth at home were called, because of this there is a small confusion.

Well, in general, based on the functions performedAny such person, whom you trust, from the number of people who are new or close, it is important to feel such support from him. This may be your mum, sister, girlfriend, you just need to consider that the person who is on labor for the first time will also experience excitement and discomfort. This is the main advantage of doulas, she is never at a loss, is familiar with the situation, has repeatedly helped psychologically in difficult cases. Therefore, the woman, being in such reliable hands, feels calm and protected.

If you made a decision to help dole, thenFind a woman who by her presence makes you calm and trust, it happens at the level of emotion and intuition. Communicate with her a couple of times meeting, feel whether it suits you or not, but it is very important to correctly understand the information that the doodle or specialists on the courses are telling you. Sometimes you can hear too many recommendations about childbirth in the water or at home, offer birth to a certain obstetrician, or recommend the reception of herbs, decoctions or medicines, you should be careful in making decisions, because this is your child.
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