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Tea and coffee during pregnancy: influence, benefit and harm

Coffee in Pregnancy

Probably, almost every woman thought aboutSo, can you drink coffee during pregnancy? In this matter, the opinions of scientists are shared. Some believe that in the early stages of pregnancy this drink does not harm either the fetus or the mother. Others insist that it is impossible to drink. So who do you believe?

Recent studies of gynecologistsProved that drinking coffee during fetal pregnancy can lead to negative consequences. Studies were conducted on hundreds of women. 90%, who found out about their position, did not stop drinking coffee. Among these women, 80% of babies were born before the term.

Those women who used solubleCoffee, puffiness and attacks of heartburn were much more frequent. In addition, they were often from cystitis. Based on the findings, doctors conducted an analysis, and came to this conclusion: the use of coffee during pregnancy increases the risk of developing complications, both from the future baby, and from the mother's body.

In addition, it is recommended to give up coffee andWomen who are just planning a pregnancy. If a woman consumes only one cup of coffee every day, her chances of becoming pregnant decrease by 10%. At first glance everything is not so scary. However, if a larger amount of this drink is consumed per day, for example 4-5 cups. It is easy to calculate the results.

Coffee is addictive. Therefore, from its use, the time of pregnancy will not be easy for those who are accustomed to it. To avoid torturing oneself, it is recommended to replace regular coffee with decaffeinated coffee. Of course, it differs from natural coffee to taste, but it helps to cope with caffeine Dependence on pregnancy.

Some believe that coffee with milk is notThere is no harm to the body, since the milk neutralizes the negative effects of the caffeine. However, this opinion is erroneous. Milk just changes the taste. Therefore, it is better during pregnancy to drink tea with milk, and not coffee.

Tea during pregnancy

Tea can be a good alternative to coffee. But the choice of tea should also be taken seriously, since not all tea will benefit the future mother and baby. For example, black tea contains tianin, which in large quantities can harm the fetus.

Many believe that herbal teas are the mostThe best drink for a pregnant mother. But this opinion is also not entirely true. You should choose these with caution. And the best way to start is to consult a doctor. After all, some herbs contained in teas can not only be poorly reflected on the fetus, but also lead to premature birth or provoke abortion.

Before you start drinking tea from the kidneys,It is also recommended to consult a doctor first. Excessive use of this tea can lead to the washing out of the body of useful elements, strong puffiness and even a metabolic disorder.

To make it easier for you to decide on the choice of tea, below will describe all the positive and negative properties that different brands of this drink have.

Green tea

Despite all its useful properties, doctorsDo not recommend it to use during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that green tea is able to prevent the body from absorbing folic acid. And this element is extremely important for the future mother. Folic acid is responsible for the correct placement and further formation of the internal organs of the future baby. The lack of this substance can lead to anomalies in the development of the fetus.

Insti Tea

Many people prefer to drink it during the fluand colds. Reviews of doctors about this tea are mixed. Some believe that it is absolutely safe, while others argue that it is not worth the risk, since its frequent use can affect the future baby. Therefore, if you decide on the use of this tea, first consult with your doctor.

Lime tea

Such tea can be excellentalternative topharmacologic drugs for colds. Lime tea will help get rid of headache, it removes the stuffiness of the nose and normalizes the work of the nervous system. And if you add raspberries to lime tea, then you can achieve antipyretic effect. Just do not forget that raspberries are a powerful antipsychotic. Therefore, immediately after drinking this tea, it is necessary to lie on the bed. Lime tea with honey will serve as an excellent soothing.

Tea with lemon

Such tea tones well. In addition, in limonessoderzhatsya vitamin C, which is very useful for our health.

Chamomile tea

Of course, such tea is useful, but withPregnancy should be used with caution. Chamomile has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, besides it stimulates the development of estrogens, acting on the ovaries. Therefore, gynecologists do not advise drinking a cup of tea to those who have at least the slightest threat of miscarriage. If the pregnancy takes place without complications, then a day is recommended to drink no more than half a liter of such tea and then, only with the permission of the doctor.

Mint tea

At small terms of pregnancy this teacan help to eliminate the symptoms of toxicosis. In addition, it well removes puffiness. The main thing is to choose natural teas with mint. It is best to separately add the leaves of fresh or dry mint to tea. It is recommended to drink it no more than a liter. Similar properties are enjoyed by tea with melissa.

Ginger tea

This tea will help cope with toxemia. Ginger quickly and permanently eliminates nausea, and its effect lasts about ten hours. Also, ginger helps with motion sickness.

White tea

White tea increases the absorption of calcium, which is veryimportant for a pregnant woman. In addition, it normalizes the work of the cardiovascular system, lowers the permeability of blood vessels and has a general strengthening effect on the entire body.

Rosehip tea

This tea contains a lot of vitamins. However, dogrose has a diuretic effect, so drink this tea carefully.

Hibiscus tea

This tea is unique, it is able to lower and increase the pressure. At low pressure it is recommended to drink karkade in a cold form, with high pressure - in a hot form.

Tea with bergamot

This tea has a pleasant aroma and taste. But it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy, because in its effect it is on-shore with green tea.

Lingonberry tea

Has a diuretic effect, due to what can quickly remove swelling. But you can drink it only as directed by a doctor.

Tea with thyme contraindicated in pregnancy.

Kuril tea and rooibos

These two teas are the best options for permanent use during pregnancy. They have a pleasant aroma and taste and have no contraindications.

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