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Absinthe: how it all began, how to properly prepare and drink

How it all began

The precursor of absinthe is wormwoodtincture, which was used by the ancient Greeks as a medicine. From the beginning, this drink was used only for medical purposes and was considered a panacea for all diseases. His first name is a green fairy.

As an alcoholic drink absinthe has becomeused already in the 18th century. It was made from alcohol and wormwood tincture. For a special taste, various herbs were added. Since then, the taste has remained the same - it has a bitter taste and a strong aroma of anise and wormwood.

Industrial production of absinthe began in1797godu. It was then that the first plant for its production was opened. The creator of the name was Henry-Louis Pernod. First this drink was taken in France. There, he was treated with wounds and tropical diseases. A few decades later, the ads became popular in other countries. In a short period of time he gained fame in the upper strata of society and began to be called a "bohemian drink." They were poets and writers, who once mentioned in their creations how to drink absinthe correctly. Even Picasso drew attention to this wonderful drink and created a sculpture of bronze, which he called the "Glass of Absinthe".

Disputes and doubts

At the beginning of the 20th century, absinthe began to fall into disgrace. Modern people began to develop the impression that excessive use of absinthe leads to mental disorders. And those who drank this drink incorrectly, suffered from nervous disorders or from incurable alcoholism. Therefore, the sale and production of the drink gradually ceased. And in many countries of Europe and completely forbade it to sell. The study began. As a result, the doctors came to disappointing conclusions. It turned out that those people who used this drink in large quantities, really suffered from hallucinations. And sometimes the consequences were much sadder - schizophrenia. For example, a case was registered where, under the influence of absinthe and other alcohol, farmer Jean Lanfrey shot his family.

Doctors decided that the reason that influencednapsihicheskoe state of people, this thujone is an etheric substance, which was contained in absinthe. But over time this statement was refuted. As it turned out later, the harm to the body was not thujone, but alcohol of poor quality and its excessive shelter. Absinthe contained almost 72 percent of alcohol.

In the EU countries, the ban on productionThe use of absinthe was removed in 1981. Switzerland, the birthplace of the drink, removed the restriction of the late, in the early 21st century. And at the same time the condition was set that the content of thujone in absinthe should not be above the norm.

The modern absinthe

Modern absinthe has the same strength as thebefore -70 degrees. But in its production only high-quality alcohol and other ingredients are used, which correspond to all norms. Ultimate, it's not talking about the fact that you can drink it immensely, because any alcohol in large quantities harms our body.

Modern absinthe is of different colors: yellow, brown, transparent, red, light emerald and rich green. Before using absinthe diluted with water, from which it becomes a hazy appearance.

Different grades of absinthe differ in quality. The most expensive and best absinthe is made from grape alcohol, cheaperseorts include ordinary alcohol with soaked leaves of wormwood. The smallest absinthe is the one that is made from alcohol with the addition of the necessary extracts.

On the shelves of the store you can find manypoddelokabsenta. Recognize the forgery is very simple - it will contain a small bridle. For example, "absinthe", having a strength of 55 degrees is a sweetened wormwood tincture, in which there are no essential oils, and which has nothing common with the present absinthe. The only advantage of this drink is that it is easy to drink in comparison with vodka.

How to drink absinthe properly

If you decide to try this mysteriousdrink, then you need to remember a few simple rules on how to drink it properly. To begin with, it should be noted that absinthe is bitter, so cold water is added to it to soften the aftertaste. Water must be poured into a special hole in the hole, on which is a piece of brown sugar. Sugar removes a bit of bitterness, and the drink acquires a more palatable taste. The most optimal percentage for diluting the absorbent is 1: 5, that is, one part of the drink for five parts of water. If you want to completely get rid of bitterness in your mouth, then add to the absinthe a slice of lemon ilima.

You will not experience a quality absintheintoxication. The effect will be different. And everyone feels everything differently. Someone who drinks a bit of color, but someone is ready to turn mountains. Some people feel fortunate and want to smile, and some can even be sad. Everything depends on the mood. Therefore, before you start absinthe, it is recommended to relieve stress, calm down and set positive emotions.

Ways of preparation of absinthe

The way that came to us from France,differs from the traditional only by the proportions of water. One part of absinthe is poured into the glass, and then three parts of the cold water are poured into the special spoon with sugar.

The Czech way differs fromtraditionally cardinally. It does not use water. Take a spoon, heats up. After this, put a cube of brown sugar on it and pour absinthe. As a result, uvass will get a cocktail of absinthe and melted sugar. The resulting cocktail is necessary to drink a little warm.

There is also a Russian way of usingof this drink. Separately, syrup is prepared from sugar, and then it is diluted with a drink in the right proportions. This recipe significantly softens the bitter taste of absinthe.

Drink can be drunk and in pure form, without diluting. Only beforehand it must be strongly cooled. Then use it in small doses, not more than 30 grams at a time.

Can absinthe be dangerous?

As mentioned above, absinthe containsthujone. This substance is contained in wormwood. In large quantities, it can be harmful, since it is a kind of drug. Some people who consumed too much absinthe, there were seizures of epilepsy, convulsions, there was also a disturbance of the nervous system and other unpleasant things.

Some doctors do not recommend drinking this drink permanently, since it causes dependence.

Proceeding from the foregoing, we can conclude: in small quantities absinthe is absolutely safe. It has a relaxing effect and does not harm the body. However, in large doses, it can lead to serious destruction in the body. Therefore, it is better not to abuse it.

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