/ / Part 1. Leisure during pregnancy: what can, and what is not allowed?

Part 1. Leisure during pregnancy: what can and can not?

Dance before I fall?

Dancing in a disco, visiting - affordable and veryUseful entertainment for pregnant women. Physical exercise during dancing helps the body to prepare for the birth in addition by strengthening the main muscles of the body (legs, legs, thighs, press, lumbar and intimate muscles). In addition, dancing improves mood, contributes to the development of hormones of pleasure - endorphins, thanks to which the physical discomfort is slightly drowned and the emotional background of a woman is raised. To ensure that during exercise, loads do not have a negative impact on your health and your baby, you should pay attention to your health, avoid overloading, do nothing through force. You should not experience discomfort and unpleasant sensations. Welcome slow pair dances, smooth movements. Sharp, bouncing, traumatic movements in dances should be avoided. Shoes should be on a low stable heel to avoid loss of balance, joint injuries, falls. If you feel fatigue (noise, crowded company can quickly tire) sit down to rest. In the third trimester of pregnancy, it is necessary to use an antenatal bandage, a brassiere for pregnant women, with varicose veins - a special compression knitwear (stockings, stockings). With increasing pregnancy, the load, including in dances, should be at least 2 times less intense than the usual load before pregnancy.

The main reference point for the establishment of danceLoads - your health. Tell your husband that you may have to leave early, especially if you feel fatigue and malaise. The main motto of a loving married couple, waiting for a child: "The health of the future baby - first of all."

Avoid tobacco smoke!
Do not forget that during pregnancyIt is dangerous not only for smoking to smoke with you, but also when people around you smoke. Components of cigarette smoke lead to deterioration of uteroplacental blood circulation, the fact that a child can be born before the term or with insufficient body weight, the inhalation of smoke can even provoke an abortion. To preserve the health of the future baby, a pregnant woman should refuse not only from smoking, but also from staying in smoky rooms. Therefore, during pregnancy it is safer to refrain from visiting smoking companies, clubs and restaurants, where there are no special rooms for non-smokers.

Turn down the volume
It is established that loud music is unfavorableFor health, the more it is undesirable during pregnancy, scientists in animal experiments have proved that with a sound volume of 96 decibels (a level characteristic of nightclubs), the activity of brain cells is disrupted. These disorders persist for 5 days, and with chronic exposure, loud music causes irreversible damage to neurons (cells) of the brain. The child begins to hear at the 15-20th week of intrauterine development. Sound has a powerful effect on the nervous, endocrine and vascular systems of the unborn baby. However, quiet classical music or melodies for relaxation have a beneficial effect on the pregnant and the fetus.

Under cover of night
Sleepless nights in nightclubs and at parties with friends - not the most useful pastime for a pregnant woman. Of course, exceptions are occasionally permissible, but they should not be included in the system.

During the gestation of a child, the body of a womanUndergoes significant changes, both hormonal and physiological, which do not bypass and such a state as a dream. In the first months of pregnancy, during which hormone progesterone is actively produced, a woman needs a full and healthy sleep, which ideally should be at least 10 hours a day. If you can not simultaneously spend the night rest on such a quantity of time, you should cut it out at least 1-2 hours in the afternoon in order to give the body the necessary breathing space. A sleepless night in a noisy club or at a party can cause symptoms of severe fatigue: weakness, lethargy, nausea, headache. In addition, violations of the regime of the day can provoke sleep disturbances, which are not uncommon during pregnancy.
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