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Myths and misconceptions about tea

Myths, misconceptions about tea

Myth - the most qualitative is only tea, which is collected by hand.

However, in fact, this opinion is not entirely true. The most advanced country Japan (technically) has long invented a machine (special) for cleaning tea leaves. This machine is also carefully, accurately collects a tea-man, like a man. But for regions of South Asia, where human labor is valued cheaply, it is much more profitable to use manual labor when harvesting tea.

Myth - for welding use should only porcelain kettle.

For red and green and varieties of tea on the veryThe porcelain tableware is more suitable. But now for the other varieties of this drink is suitable iglinyanaya, and glassware. Should not be used only metallicheskiezavarnye kettles as they during the brewing oxidize and spoil the taste of the tea.

Myth - the most valuable is the tea that is grown high in the mountains.

And in fact it is. The alpine tea bush grows much more slowly than, for example, in the valley. Wet mist and clean air allow the plant to accumulate much more valuable substances. But due to sufficiently low temperatures in winter time, it is possible to remove only two crops in a season, and in the most ubiquitous area from four to six crops per year. It is for this reason that high-tea leaf tea in the world market is much more expensive.

Myth - leaves of green and black tea are collected from a variety of random shrubs.

This is the most common misconception. After vdeystvitelnosti and green, and white, and black, and red teas with odnogokustarnika receive. A tea varieties and their taste changed his pripomoschi special drying, fermentation and wilting.

Myth - in tea bags tea is only the lowest quality.

This is indeed in most cases consideredTruth. Companies that produce elite tea, will never crush it, but sell more often with pressed tiles. Collected tea from the "waste" of production is crumbs, broken buns and tea dust.

Myth - always use a steep boil to brew tea.

And this is not at all true. After all, in fact, the less fermented, the less it requires a lower temperature for brewing. For example, for teapot will be enough water temperature of 90 degrees, and for green - in 70-75 degrees.

Myth - packaging affects the quality of tea.

In fact, tea is capable of quite activeabsorb all the smells of nearby products. It is for this reason that the packaging of this product plays a special role. For expensive varieties, wooden or tin cans are used in most cases. Modern technologies make it possible to hermetically pack tea in the cheapest form of packaging - cardboard, cellophane. The highest standards for the qualitative packaging of tea in the world are occupied by such countries as England and France.

Myth - green tea helps fight cancerous tumors.

The fact is that this can not be a statement, butonly an assumption. Specialists are still investigating the effect of this tea on tumors, but the high content of antioxidant in green tea affects the slowing of cancer processes.

Myth - sweets should be washed only with tea.

Many nutritionists with this expression will not agree,although there is a lack of truth in it. In tea, there is a lot of vitamin B1, and it promotes the rapid breakdown of carbohydrates. And it remains only to guess whether for this reason the world accepts sweet pastries, as well as desserts to drink tea.

Myth - tea is harmful for pregnant women.

Most likely, such a misconception arose whenIt is known that there is a small fraction of caffeine in tea. Coffee is in fact dangerous pre-pregnancy, can provoke a miscarriage. But a small amount of non-fastening a day (2 cups) will not prevent a woman from leaving a healthy child.

Myth - green tea with time can destroy the structure of the treatment.

It should be noted that in order tothe human body began to destroy the liver tissue irreversible processes, it is necessary a huge amount of green tea to drink. Everything must be done in moderation. After all, any product can harm the body if you use it excessively.

Myth - it is not recommended to drink tea right after eating.

This is indeed a true observation, sincethe tannin retains its tea, and when it reacts with the protein and iron, it can tighten their structure, which will complicate and slow down the digestion of food. It is better to drink tea after 20 minutes after taking fatty foods, and if the food is not fat, it can be done immediately.

The most important advice to which you need tolisten to always eat freshly brewed tea. But the drink that has stayed for a while is best used for various cosmetic purposes. For example, rubbing your skin, making lotions for the eyes. Excessively strong tea can cause headache, which is triggered by the large number of caffeine that has fallen into the vagina.

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