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Planning and preparation for pregnancy

Today, on the Internet, you can find manyInformation related to pregnancy planning. Almost all doctors strongly recommend that you plan your baby's birth beforehand. However, statistics indicate that only one in ten out of ten plans to have a baby. But even with planning, everything is always done correctly.

Some believe that pregnancy shouldPrepare only a woman. This is an incorrect statement. Both parents must prepare for the addition in the family. After all, from a man, a successful result depends no less than on a woman. Therefore, the preparation of the future father must be carried out very carefully and under the supervision of medical workers.

Where do you start planning pregnancy? We will explain this in our article in this article.

Analyzes that need to be handed over to a woman

There are many infections thatPregnancy can be a threat to the future fetus. It is necessary to pass many analyzes on various diseases in order to exclude them. And if the infection is still present in the body, then it must be cured before the woman becomes pregnant. The future mother must pass the following tests:

Analysis for the presence of rubella

If a woman already had rubella, then thisAnalysis can not take. However, if you have not previously experienced this disease, the analysis will help to determine whether you have antibodies that can fight it. If the antibodies do not, then you will get a rubella vaccine.

Rubella is a very dangerous disease for the fetus. If the woman becomes ill with the time of pregnancy, the fetus develops numerous serious violations in the body. Therefore, vaccination will secure the safety of such consequences. It is necessary to know that after such a vaccine, pregnancy can be planned only after three months.

Analysis for the presence of toxoplasm

With the help of this analysis,Antibodies. If these antibodies are present, then this indicates that you have previously been ill with this disease, and it can proceed in a latent form. Practically all owners of dogs and cats in the body have such antibodies, so if they are not detected by the analysis, during pregnancy it is not recommended to contact your pets so as not to get infected from them. There is no vaccination of such disease.

Blood test for herpes and cytomegalovirus

In 99% of cases, this analysis gives a positiveThe result, since the causative agents of these diseases are in our body throughout the life span. The purpose of the analysis is to determine the degree of activity. If the pathogens are active, then before pregnancy, a woman will have to undergo a special course of treatment.

Analyzes for sexually transmitted infections

A gynecologist takes swabs for female diseases andInfection: chlamydia, microplasmas, uraea and so on. Some women ignore these analyzes, believing that if nothing is bothering, then it means that they will not be sick. But this opinion is erroneous, since some diseases can occur bessimtormno. And the pathogens can be in our body for several years and at the same time not manifest themselves. During pregnancy, most microorganisms are activated and harm the health of the future mother and baby.

In addition to the standard set of tests, a woman can be referred to a blood test for hormones. On which hormones - the doctor decides.

Analyzes to be taken to a man

Men need to undergo a series of tests,Which can identify the disease, if any. This will reduce the risk of complications of the fetus. Referral to tests can be obtained from the family planning center or from a urologist.

PCR analysis for latent infections, Which are transmitted sexually: trichomoniasis, cytomegalovirus, gonorrhea and so on.

Even if a man does not bother, the testsTo hand over it is necessary. Since such diseases can occur in a latent form. The organism of a healthy woman successfully fights against them, but in pregnancy immunity decreases, and a woman can easily become infected. For a child, such diseases are fraught with malformations of physical development, damage to the central nervous system and even a retention in psychoemotional development.

Analyzes for the presence of antibodies in the body to a number of children's infections: Chickenpox, measles, mumps and the like. If there are no antibodies, then the man will have to do a series of vaccinations against these infections. This is necessary in order not to infect the future mother during pregnancy.


This semen research on the abilityThe fertilization of the egg. Sperm is estimated by such parameters: viscosity, volume, color, density, the number of viable spermatozoa, and also the level of their mobility. In carrying out such an analysis, a physician can identify those inflammatory processes that occur in a latent form. Also the spermogram allows you to identify prostatitis.

Analyzes that must be given to both parents

In addition to the above analysis, future parents will have to go through a number of studies.

Analysis for the determination of the blood group and its Rh factor

This analysis is especially important to hand over, if youPlan a second pregnancy. It is known that if a woman has a negative Rh factor, and a man is positive, then the development of Rh-conflict is possible. First pregnancy, the risk of its occurrence is very low - only 10%, but in the second pregnancy it increases to 50%.

  • General blood tests. Such tests will help to identify the presence of inflammatory processes in the body, and also eliminate iron deficiency anemia.
  • Biochemical analysis
  • The general analysis of urine will help to exclude pathologies and diseases in the humid floor system.
  • Ultrasonography. It is recommended to pass it all. After all, thanks to ultrasound, it is possible to identify various hidden pathologies, which can not be determined by any other methods. For example, ultrasound can detect uterine fibroids, prostatitis, ovarian cyst and the like.

Consultations of narrow specialists

After you give all the tests, you need to consult with some doctors.


This doctor should be consultedEven if they are absolutely healthy. And if there are any diseases, then about the need to visit this specialist and do not speak at all. Pregnancy can cause an exacerbation of any disease, so it is necessary to prepare your body in advance.


If previous pregnancies proceeded fromPathologies, or pregnancy does not occur over a long period, then this doctor must be contacted necessarily. He will prescribe a broad examination that will help to identify problems with the hormonal background.

Genetic Doctor

If one of you suffers from geneticDisease in the family already have children with genetic pathologies, then be sure to visit the genetic. Also doctors strongly recommend visiting this specialist and in that case, if you are planning your pregnancy after 35 years.

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