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Anesthesia at delivery: physiological, psychological, medicamentous

Today thanks to modern medicine, you canTo pick up a few ways of anesthetizing during childbirth. But not all methods are the same for the same people. Therefore, on forums you can often meet the feedback that anesthesia did not work and the pain was still felt. Many women are frightened.

It is necessary to realize that the pain at birth isNaturally. And to be afraid of her, too, is normal. But the whole problem is that future mothers "back up" their fear from the outside - they read on the forums various reviews and terrible stories of dizzying agony during childbirth. Many doctors confirm that such stories are too exaggerated and the woman herself sets up pre-set feelings in advance. At the same time, it is closed psychologically and does not listen to councilors and midwives. As a result, not only the pain sensations increase, but also the process-borne natural birth is disrupted.

How to act in this situation? To begin with, you need to calm down and learn that modern medicine offers several options for anesthesia during childbirth. Also, it is necessary to understand what is the birth pain and from which it occurs. This will help to remove psychological stress, which is important.

Why there is a pain in childbirth?

First of all, we will find out with you what the reason isThe occurrence of abortions during childbirth. The main prerequisite for the appearance of strong pain during the period of contraction is contraction of the muscles. Thanks to this reduction, the cervix is ​​opened. Also pain sensations arise and because of the strain of ligaments that support the uterus. Similar sensory sensations are very strong and can deliver many unpleasant hours to the giving birth to a girl.

When the cervix opens and the babyBegins to move along the birth canal, acute painful sensations arise because of the very strong pressure of the baby's head on the soft tissues of the pelvis, the perineum and the bone. By the way, if a woman's nervous system is trained, then the pain becomes almost invisible at attempts, only the feeling of strong pressure remains. But it is unlikely that many women in the past were engaged in training their nervous system, so the pain in vpotuzhnom period to avoid, most likely, will not work.

Pharmacological means for analgesia of childbirth

If the pain is very severe and the woman is no longer able to do it, the doctor can prescribe pharmacological drugs for you.


Tranquilizers are aimed at calming the nervousA woman. They will help to eliminate the feeling of anxiety, panic and dull the acute perception of pain. Sometimes a woman, under the influence of such drugs, even gets a little sleep in the intervals between contractions.


Such drugs act differently. They cause a persistent and strong relaxation of all muscles. This allows more rapid and effective disclosure of the uterus.

Means for anesthesia

Such drugs have a complex effectNorganizm: they relax the muscles, depress the mind and suppress the sensitivity of the pain sensations. They are used in those cases when during childbirth something goes wrong.

Narcotic analgesics

They have a very strong impact on the body not only the mother, but also the future baby. Therefore, they are used very rarely and then, only in extreme cases.

Types of anesthesia natures

Local anesthesia

With this type of anesthesia, an anesthetic is administeredIn the soft tissue at the entrance to the vagina. Most often it is used as an anesthetic after childbirth (when applying stitches) or before cutting the perineum. Contraindications to the use of almost no, except for individual intolerance of the drug.

Dorsal anesthesia

Epidural anesthesia is very common inToday. A special drug is injected into the parturient, which blocks the pudend nerve. As a result, there comes a complete loss of sensitivity to the entire vagina, except for the external genitalia.

Anesthesia is divided into several subspecies, depending on the place of administration of the drug:

  • Intermebral anesthesia - introduced through the crotch;
  • Transvaginal - also introduced through the perineum. It is used when applying forceps or in the second period of uncomplicated births;
  • Regional spinal anesthesia - helps to anesthetize the entire lower part of the trunk. It is used as a normal good anesthetic or for prolonged delivery.

There are some contraindications to the use of a similar anesthetic:

  • Gestosis - toxicosis in the second half of pregnancy, accompanied by swelling and high blood pressure;
  • Nephropathy - kidney pathology;
  • Various damage to the retina of the eyes;
  • Improper arrangement of the fetus;
  • Premature birth.

General Anesthesia of Nature

With a general anesthesia, the child completely disconnects consciousness. It is used in surgical interventions or in those cases where epidural anesthesia can not be performed.

When choosing anesthesia, doctors are guided by several factors: ensuring maximum safety for the child and the woman in childbirth, as well as the health of the future mother.

Childbirth in the water

Water facilitates the maternity process, so manyGirls choose this method of facilitating childbirth. An ordinary bath with warm water can completely replace painkillers. Before the beginning of each fight, it is necessary to squat in the water so that the stomach was completely covered. But in no case can you lie on your back - this will complicate the process of opening the cervix. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is possible to give birth only to the presence of medical personnel who, if necessary, can immediately help.

It is equally important to monitor the temperature of the water,It should not exceed the temperature of your body. If there is no bath, then you can use an ordinary shower. Just turn it on and direct the water jet to your stomach. If the waters are already gone, then as a water anesthetic can only use the shower, but in any case not a bath.

Psychological relaxation at delivery

Stiffness and psychological stress duringBirth can lead to the development of very strong pain. To avoid this, it is necessary to master before the birth a special psychological method of relaxation: proper breathing, correct body position, massage and so on.

You must pre-adjust yourself to a positiveExodus. Nestoit dwell on pain, think about the fact that the baby will be born very soon, and you can save it, think about the pleasant moments. You can even in the process of giving birth to a baby.

When fighting, you can try to findThe position of the body, which will reduce pain. Squat and spread your knees widely. If you are uncomfortable, then sit on your knees and spread them as wide as possible. This pose well removes the pain in the coccyx. You can also hang on anything: on the neck of the husband, the back of the bed, the door jamb. This position will reduce pressure and pain will decrease.

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